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http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb374/TOSCrew2011/2016%20TOS%20Crew/04-04%20Trigger%20Memory%20Co/Classroom%20SprayEDMagazine_zpsr3j9ypho.jpgAnother Math Review....I find it hilarious how the one subject I did so awful in is the one I spend 1/3 of my day teaching now.  This next Review though is somewhat dear to my heart.  Multiplication is where I came to a fork in the road.  I was standing there with a huge obstacle in my way to success...multiplication. I was just so scared of it that I ran away and did anything I could to not have to stand up in the middle of class and mumble off wrong answers to the questions being tossed at me.  I never overcame my fear and struggled all the way through college.  And my Kiddos today have similar Math anxiety along with Dyslexia for my oldest, Mahala has ADD and sweet Kaden has Autism. But, since we homeschool I can work independently with them, so they don't have to feel anxiety or shame.  The Trigger Memory Co. was so kind to send our Math challenged Family their Times Tales program in exchange for a Review.  And we all say together....Thank You!!! (Downloadable files-$21.95 or DVD format-$24.95)

The product we received was their digital download.  I'll be honest it took a small army and 3 separate computers to try and get it downloaded properly.  These are HUGE files....Huge!  But, once we successfully downloaded it everything was easy to understand and was well organized.  We basically had 2 30 minutes or so videos and two PDF folders.  My 1st thoughts when we started to watch the video I'm going to be honest here...was this better be good!  And I'm telling you I was very impressed, the videos were high quality, no weird robotic voices, it wasn't choppy or pieced together.  It was high quality story telling wrapped up in Math Magic!  Honestly I watched it right along with Kaden, not because I had to.  But, because it was entertaining and I wanted to.  In the videos you are introduced to each number or "Character” and then you get to hear their story.  This program teaches multiplication through animated stories....where was this 30 years or so ago????? 

So, Kaden and I sat down and would watch together and throughout the video they would stop and do a little quiz.  Kaden being the logic no fun time Kiddo that he can be had a hard time watching it without criticizing how silly this whole thing was.  Being on the Spectrum gives you  a different perspective on things.  So, I decided to pull Mahala in on this one for her opinion.  She knows her multiplication facts, but was right along with me laughing and actually memorizing the stories.  I decided to keep her on the team for the rest of the review period.  Kaden loosened up once he saw Mahala joining in.  We did watch the videos only once or twice a week and on the other 3 days we used one of the reinforcement activities or games that were included in the PDF folders.  Both Kaden and Mahala memorized each of the Stories, but if you need to it is encouraged to watch whatever story you need to again.

We took a vote and one of our Favorite Times Tales story is the one for the number 6, which is represented as the 6th grade class.  Each of the students in the class has the face in the shape of a 6.  The "6th" grade class....I Love it.  Okay then the number 4 is represented by a Chair, sorry I didn't take a picture... mental note I need to update one ASAP!   Now here is the Magic..... the 6th grade class played musical Chairs for 24 hours!  In standard English you get 6 x 4 = 24.  But, don't you think it's more fun to visually see a 6 sitting on a 4 playing musical chairs for 24 hours?  It's crazy fun and for Mahala and I we loved it and enjoyed it.  If you have a child on the Spectrum they will Love it too, it may take some time getting used to the silliness of these stories.  But, they will learn.
Kaden has learned, I Love this program, it works, it's totally Manic Mom approved and if I have other Kiddos in the future or grandkiddos I will be passing this down through the line.  I believe that Times Tales is a must while teaching multiplication.  This is coming from someone who struggled with Math herself.  I'm telling you to put down the flash cards for a minute and give this amazing program a try.:)  I don't think you will be disappointed at all.   Take a few minutes and head over to See a Sample Video.  Prepare to be amazed how quickly your kiddos will pick up on just this little sampling.  Be sure to head over to Facebook and catch up on all the latest News going on with The Trigger Memory Co.
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Times Tales by the The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

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