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Time with the Lord in Prayer and deep in the Bible is time well spent.  But, even though I may do it on a regular basis I haven't consistently included my children in this habit.  We do devotions, nightly reading here and there, but I'm talking consistency here.  It has been on my heart to tie my kids to the word every single day and I knew this next Review was an answer to prayer.  We were Blessed with a Teen Bible curriculum from Prasso Ministries.  We received the Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual ($35) and the Teen Prasso Homework Manual ($15).  The Greek word Prasso means to repeatedly, continually and habitually practice.  I think it's the most perfect way to start off our Summer.

Prasso Ministries started offering adult and teen material back in 1992.  Their products can be used for men, woman or teens and can be used in group settings like youth groups, homeschool Co-ops or Bible studies.

We decided to use it in the morning before everyone else woke up and messed with our morning MoJo! :)  On Sundays I would read through the whole lesson and take a look at what Mahala would be doing during the week in her Student Journal.  Each morning we would start off with prayer and I would share the Story and message.  The real work happened in her Journal.  I loved how the questions were worded and how they added scripture writing in each lesson.  I know for my kiddos when they read, write and say it aloud they remember it. :)  Questions like What can you learn from these verses?  What observations can you make after reading this?  And many other questions that put your Teen into the question.  It's not just a fill in the blank....it's how do YOU relate to this passage, to this story?  This was an excellent Bible Curriculum to get us both in the habit to study God's important teachings together and on our own.

The Topics were right on the mark for what Teens today need to study and hear God's word about.  Here are a few of our Favorites....dealing with Lies, Pressure, Anger and Forgiveness.  Mahala experienced many ahhhha moments and the conversations that we had together were amazing.  It was Special for it to be just her and I, we even made muffins a few times just for us and enjoyed some fresh honey and biscuits.  I wanted to make it a rememberable time for her and I and we sure did. :)

 photo Capture_zpstzloihv9.pngMahala's favorite part of the program was the rethink it section that was on Day 6.  She would most of the time do extra work, so usually the rethink it and discussion questions were on Thursdays.  It's a place where you go back and write a thought or meaningful verse from the previous days.  She liked that it was just a line or two, nothing long and really difficult, just a meaningful thought that was impressed upon you.  The discussion questions had a place for you to write your personal answers, but we decided to do that part orally. 

This is the BEST Bible Program I have ever used.  It was a privilege to be able to use it with my Daughter.  It was super simple on my part to use.  They included everything you needed to do if you were using it in a group setting.  Their tips for asking Good discussion questions were very helpful and the outline was nice to have even though we kind of did our own thing.  It was still reassuring to have on hand. :)  Overall I would use this and many of their other products for our Family.....it just works and we are thrilled to share with you this Awesome program.  Make sure you check Prasso Ministries out on their Facebook!!!!

Prasso Ministries Review

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