Do you remember learning how to write in cursive?  I sure do....all those beige pieces of paper with red and blue lines and the smell of smudged lead from my trusty number 2 pencil.  I would take extra paper and practice out on the playground during recess.  There was  a sense of maturity with learning cursive....I felt like a young lady, not just a kid in 4th grade.  To this day I prefer cursive writing over print, but it wasn't something I taught my 2 youngest until recently.  Kaden being on the spectrum has difficulty with just printing, so I was worried about teaching him cursive.  Boy was I ever so thankful to be able to Review the CursiveLogic Workbook($29) from CursiveLogic.

This product is durably made from cover to cover.  I love the top Spiral and the sturdy pages....nothing flimsy about this book! :)  With all of our products we Review for Kaden I get the most excited for a product that connects with the child intellectually and not with just a ton of characters, bright colors and flashy gimmicks.  This product reached him and captured his attention with their clean, nicely spaced wording.  The layout of instructions, examples and even the colors chosen are not over stimulating and very easy to follow.  I wish I could find ALL of Kaden's school materials like this. 

Founder, Linda Shrewsbury developed CursiveLogic when she had the desire to help out a 23 year old Student of hers that had some Learning Disabilities.  As you remember from your own past experience learning cursive as a child it takes several weeks to master all 26 letters.  Days and days of writing and tracing over and over.  That just wasn't going to work for this young Man....he wanted to learn how to write his name in cursive.  So, Linda started to develop a new method for teaching cursive that's both Innovative and Intuitive.  I was hooked the moment I explored her website and could hardly wait for our book to come.

So, here it is and Kaden has it in his hot little hands.  I wish I could tell you the whole program word for word, but that would be cheating you and your Kiddo on the sheer experience from opening up your new CursiveLogic Workbook to the writing of your Kiddos name for the very first time.  I will share that the program strings groups of letters together, uses a magnificent color coding system and they have Super catchy phrases that make learning even more fun and easy for your kiddos.  This program is intended for Students who can already write, so they have some fundamentals with writing.  So I would say 2nd grade to Adults, especially with the layout and quality of the workbook.  It would appeal to anyone eager to learning cursive.

Kaden finished the whole entire 95+ pages in about three weeks.  I love that it's divided up nicely to where you can do a few pages or a little more if you want.  Kaden was so impressed with how his handwriting looked that he would always do a little bit more then what I had asked each time we sat down to work.  His favorite part was the dry erase pages in the back.  He has it right now in his back pack to take with us on our next camping trip.  What can I say.....I think the program is successful, affordable and a must for every homeschool.  It's too effective for you not to give your kiddos the opportunity to learn cursive!  Do we Love it?  Yes, and if I needed to teach another student cursive this is the one program I would use.

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