New Classroom New Start!

 Since we were moving we decided that it would be Better and more Sane for me to start Our New Year once we settled into Our New House.  Well, we have been here 2 weeks and we just can't wait anymore......so we started today Officially. 
I mean our Class Room is still a Mess and we are really just flying by the seat of Our pants, but it's been over a month of No Consistent School and honestly....it's Weird for us!  HAHAHAHAHA

Kaden has been doing School work two times a week with me while his BT was here and both Kiddos have been Participating in a Local Homeschool Co-Op twice a month.  But, that was about it.  We needed some form of Structure and Consistency in this House.  HAHAHAHA

Today Mahala wrote an Essay about her Life as a Movie.  It was very interesting, I could see growth in her writing from just a few months ago.  YAY!!!  Her Brother keeps telling her that in College all you do is Write Papers.  Hopefully this year she will get Serious and grow in this Area.  Kaden did a typical day of Math, Spelling, History and reading.  They Both did  a quick Science Experiment.  Nothing to complicated, because like I said we are still digging for even simple things like Paper & Pencils.  :)

I still need to Order Curriculum for this new year.  I wanted to go through what we already had and determine what we really need.  We have soooooo much as it is.  I could Homeschool 10 Families!!! :)  I Love Shopping for and Organizing Our School Room.  For a long time we have kind of been spread out all over the House.  Now we will have Our Own School Room and that makes me One Happy Momma! :)

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