My Unhealthy Sin

Since changing our diet and choosing more Healthy Foods we have fallen in Love with Whole Foods.  We Follow a GF/Paleo lifestyle mostly.  So, once a week we head over to one of the many Whole Foods Stores in Our Area and Fuel Up & Fill up Our Pantry.
Usually it's Mahala & I because everyone else becomes a bowl of jelly as soon as they step into the building.  What's up with that????

I look at it as almost a Religious Experience...I walk away renewed, armed for the upcoming weekly temptations and Educated just a little bit more then when I had walked in.  I grab my list, trusty Hair Clip and head for the poster and flyer filled doors. (Soooo much info on those doors)  The smell of Fresh food and Hemp lotions almost always knocks the wind out of me every single time.  But, once I leave the store I find myself sniffing the veggie drawer mid day just to get that Clean High feeling.  Don't You Judge Me!!!  :p  


This last week though I felt a Tad Guilty, because I had a weak moment and stopped at McNasty's for a Frappe.  It was weird, I haven't had one in MONTHS!!!  But, I caved and had to go to Whole Foods and Confess my "Sin".  Head held low I walked in with Mahala in tow.  The Smells greeted me and all the Helpful Employees were still so Attentive to my Amateur Questions.  You Have to Just LOVE that about this Store!  :)

I felt Forgiven and Renewed on my Path of Healthfulness.  I made sure that I Paid my Tithes.  It was a Big Tithe, but Remember I have a long List of Needs and Have to Gets for this Family of Mine!  This was my Basket just 15 minutes into the Shopping Trip.  I average at least 1 good hour there each week, if I know what I need.  I have a lot of label reading to do, so sometimes I'm there much longer! It's Worth it to me though, I truly have enjoyed getting to know my Body's Nutritional Needs.

Where do You Shop?  Do You take a List or are You a Shelf Shopper?

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