Math Mammoth Review!


Kaden is the only one in our house that just picks up any kind of Math and runs with it with no problems.  It can be costly trying to keep his Math Appetite suppressed.  We have Games, Packets, Flash Cards, Computer games, and multiple Math Programs going at the same time. 
I was totally Interested to Review Mammoth Math...not only to try out a Math Program that was New to Us, but to be able to Review it with Kaden!!  :)

I found that Math Mammoth books concentrated on Conceptual Understanding and Mental Math.  That Screams Kaden and he thought the material was easy to Read and Very Self Explanatory.  A Mother's DREAM!!!  And even though he could do the work by himself it was nice that he wanted to go over the Goals that each Lesson covered.  I couldn't ask for anything more for him right now.  Lot's to Choose from, Affordably Priced and Independently Laid out pages!!! 

If You have a Math Fanatic at Home or a Kiddo that needs an Extra push check out Math Mammoth.  You can choose a Digital Format or an Actual Book.  I like a Book Format, but Digital is nice because you can just print what you need at the time. Math Mammoth has either full curriculum kits per grade level (the light blue series) for grades 1-6 or you can purchase individual topics for grades 1-7 (the dark blue series)

Take a look at their Website and Stop by Maria Miller's Homeschool Math Blog for a Quick Hello and a ton of Math Tips and Fun!!   I LOVE that they Offer You access to Over 300 Sample Pages, Go check them out.....You know You Want to!!  :)  
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