Corn Pool on the Christmas List!

Corn Like you have Never seen Before!!!  I was a little leery on the whole pool of Corn thing.  But, Kaden on the other hand was not as Cautious.  Which for him was out of the Ordinary.  He is always Mr. Cautious and not sure of New Situations.  But, this was tooooo Darn Cool to Pass up! 

Corn was everywhere and Kaden jumped right in and made himself at home.  Of course Mahala immediately wanted to bury him in it.  Why is that the First thing a Sister wants to do to Her Little Brother?????

Anyway, I was Happy to see that his Sensory Need was being met and he was so into it, not even the Squeals and Occasional touch from the Other Kids Bothered him at all. :)

After almost an hour we were able to Drag his little body out of the Corn.  It took an emergency feeding to do it and the Promise of trying to rig something up at home that will Remotely Resemble the Almighty Corn Pitt.  Wish us Luck, because if You know Kaden at all, You know he has a Razor Sharp Memory.  HAHAHAHAHA  This Boy wont be Forgetting Our Little Deal at all!

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