This is aMAZEing!!!

 It's that time of the year again.....Fall!  I generally HATE cold weather, so even the slightest drop in temperature usually puts me in a BAD mood.  But, after living on the left side of the US for over 12 years now I have become a little soft around the edges when it comes to Fall. 

 The Number One thing I Love to do with the Fam during this time of the year is to head on out to a Corn Maze.  We love it and having Mahala as our Maze guide is KEY!!!  She could find her way out of a Tropical Storm with just a flashlight, toothpick and a shoestring.  I'm not kidding.....honestly, she's like MacGyver in High Tops.  And she doesn't get that from me, if I was a fish I would get lost in my fishbowl and would probably choke on my own bubbles.  So, reluctantly I have to give Props to her Dad on his Lovely Inspector Gadget DNA.  :D

 This Maze was not Our Normal Corn Maze that we go to every year.  It was new to us and hard as nails.  We were told that the average adventure was 2 hours....we laughed and thought shoooooot we will be back in 45min or less.  Well we were slapped in the face with some Corn Husk a few times eating those words!  It took us nearly the whole 2 hours.  We were floored, but honestly to walk out alive and uninjured was the real prize here!!!

After the Maze Adventure we all enjoyed either a snow cone or ice cream....Kaden decided to take a small bath in his.  But, Hey....we probably could have All used a once over with an ice cream cone after that 2 hour trek!  ;)

Looking forward to visiting Our local Pumpkin Patch later next month, carving pumpkins, making costumes and making countless pots of stew and soup.  There are so many Fall Traditions that just make me SMILE!!!  What are Some of Your Favorites????

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