Homemaker still in the Making

headerI have been In Love with being a Wife and Mom my Whole Life.  It's just who I am and nothing makes me Happier.  With that said there are some things I do better then others.  We are all like that, we can't be Suzy Homemaker in every area of Our Home Life.  Right?!?!?!

Homemaker's Mentor Mini Lesson Covers

I went to the mail box a few weeks ago and to my Sweet Surprise My Homemaker's Mentor CD was in there.  I actually saw a Shimmer and Glow around the package....I'm not Kidding you!  I was so stoked to get that sucker into my Computer and Check it out.  I have purchased many books in the past to help me become more Organized and efficient with my Time, so my Interest level was pretty up there.  The Key Word here people is....Efficient!!!  My brain is unfamiliar with that Word.  :D  This CD is filled with a Wealth of Information.  But, not so full that you feel overwhelmed or unable to accomplish One Bite at a Time.  That is usually my main problem with other things I have tried to use in order to make my life more Simple and Enjoyable.

Since we moved just a few days after receiving the CD and we have only been in Our New Home a few weeks I have Only devoured the information and made my Organized To Do List.  So many things, but I will Share a few. 
Sewing & Quilting- I can't begin to explain how excited I am to do this with Mahala this Winter.  Fingers crossed we will make something BIG enough to actually fit on a Human sized bed and not a Baby Dolls.  But, hey effort counts....you have to start somewhere!  :)
Jerky & Fruit Leather-  Since we are a GF/Paleo Family this was on my To Do list for 6 months now.  But, now I know how to do it.....so guess what we are doing this Halloween weekend?  I'll keep you posted! :)
Granola Making-  Once again, because of Our Dietary Needs this would help SAVE a penny or two each month. :)
Closet Advice-  Any Organizational help I can get.....Sign me up!!
Countless Recipes and Homemade mixes-  Who can't use a little Dinner help or Lunch ideas?

Is Your Home a Day Lily Or Oak Tree, was the very First thing I Read when I opened this Treasure Trove.  I clicked it and to my Surprise it was regarding Moving and how to preserve Your "Home" while changing houses.  Loved it!!!!  And it was at the exact time I needed it, thank you Lord for that Blessing.  Having a Young child with Autism is difficult during a Move.  Not only did I get some great tips and advice I also was reassured that moving and adjusting takes time, not to be hard on myself and that Our Family is what makes Our House a Home.  Sometimes we need those kind of Reminders. :) 

If You are a New Wife or Mom...You need this.  If you have been a Wife or Mom for a Short time or a Long time....You need this.  Let me know what You think when You get yours, share some of your Favorites.  :)

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More About The Homemaker's Mentor:
The Homemaker’s Mentor grew from the creative idea of Martha Greene and Rebekah Wilson --
both long time homemakers, wives, mothers, author’s and small business owners who specialize
in offering books, products, help and encouragement to homemakers, mothers and families.
Between them, Martha and Rebekah have answered many questions from frustrated homemakers and
realized there was a true need for a basic homemaking class to teach lessons on the basics of homemaking and running a home.

Hence, The Homemaker’s Mentor was created! From 2008 through 2012, Martha, Rebekah and other like-minded homemakers shared their experience, expertise and practical "know how" on the Homemaker's Mentor "members only" website, producing a vast library of inspirational "hands on" homemaking lessons that have helped thousands of readers bring peace, order and delight to their homes. We are proud to now be able to bring you this one-of-a-kind collection of these lessons, resources and ebooks at a fraction of the original "members only" price!



  1. I am still learning . . . but we try to have fun, be kind and loving towards one another, read our Bible, create memories, and add decor that hopefully seems inviting and adds a touch of comfort.

  2. I make my house a home by making it as comfortable and inviting as possible.