Breathing is a Good Thing

I can breathe out of my nose today!!!  Yes, I am so excited about this that I feel I need to write about it!  The Family has been sick for over 2 weeks now & frankly I'm OVER IT!!!  
 You know the first few days your in denial about being sick and hold on to any hope that it could just be that your a hypochondriac. :p  

Then it hits and you know your sick and you feel like crap!  But, once I hit day 5 or 6 I start getting a little restless and I'm over the whole sick thing.  I'm on day 9 of being for real sick.  And I swear if I go back to Sam's and buy another 500 pack thing of tissues I will cry.  They may honestly call the CDC, because I look like something from one of those Doomsday Show scenarios.

But, today I have about 70% air flow and my nose feels good!  So, today is a better day and tomorrow will be even better.....RIGHT?  I have put unpacking on hold for almost a week.  That fatigue thing can really be a pain!  :)  I've just been doing little things here and there.  But, today I cleaned the bathrooms and unpacked 5 boxes.  I'm like a decorated Olympian today!!!  HAHAHAHA  I feel very accomplished, which is good because tonight when I sit and watch my reality TV I don't have to fight off the guilt.  :)

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