An Imagination with a Bunny

What a month!!!  It has been a month crammed with sickness, moving, unpacking, sickness, sessions, adjustments and did I say Sickness????  It's been ridiculous around here.  We are a Family that hand sanitizes like it's a Religion.  We wash before and after we eat, take our vitamins and eat healthy.  What went wrong?  It is what it is, but it definitely was not fun.  And as I finally see the sick curtain start to fall to the floor I'm so excited to be able to enjoy our new house and get it unpacked and ready for the Holidays.
Yes, I said it.....the Holidays are right around the corner!!!  We are so excited we may even put up our tree a week early.

So, what has Kaden been doing this month?  Well, he has settled himself in his own way.  At first kind of sticking close by, but now he feels familiar with the new house and ventures off all the time.  Our yard is much bigger and he loves digging around and bringing me treasure.  I tried to find my camera the other day because he looked so cute.  He had different colored socks on, a buttoned up shirt with a pair of PJ bottoms.  He had his backpack with two foam bats stuffed in it, with his calculator, an empty water bottle and a hat.  On top of all that he had this huge bunny that you can take naps on strapped over his shoulders.  He was walking all over the yard....he was having a blast, just the Bunny and an Imagination.....that's all he needed that afternoon. :)

Besides going on his little adventures he's been having sessions daily and school 3 days a week.  He's been studying Space still and learning about the weather.  Now, everywhere we go he tells us the different types of clouds we have looming above us. :)  He starts a Chemistry program in November, so I'm gearing up for that.  Please say prayers that he doesn't blow us all up.  He also started Art lessons and has picked up an interest in Poker, God help us.  He plays for hours and hours, between StarCraft and MineCraft.  
I notice his interests change frequently, but when he finds something he likes he dives down deep and soaks it up.  For instance right now we are learning about stained glass windows and the Art of Louis Comfort Tiffany.  He sat for 2 & 1/2 hours listening to a documentary on him and then completed his version of a stained glass window.  I will be posting his finished project on Our Homeschool Blog soon.

With Kaden's constant change in interest he keeps us all on our toes.  I'm thrilled anytime he steps away from the computer and dives into a good book or wants to learn something new.  I've found though it's all about balance.  Too much free time and not enough structure causes just as much of a Meltdown as it does when the schedule is too packed and he feels he's not able to have down time.  Finding that balance is key and hey....we're still working on it!  HAHAHAHAHA

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