The Sky does have a Limit????

What makes something have a Limit Mom? 
Just an example of one of Kaden's Bedtime Questions.  Don't you just love all the Bedtime Questions late at night when all you can think about is total silence and a night full of Zzzzzzzzzz's?  I LOVE his Questions, I honestly do.  It's just at 11pm after 2 hours of going back and forth sometimes my answers just don't come fast enough.  HAHAHAHAHA  I'll get back to the "Limit" question in a minute.......

So, ABA during Homeschool hours have proven so far to be a PLUS!  It's nice to have that extra guidance and I even get an extra set of hands to help with projects and activities.  Normally I struggle getting the next activity prepared and ready fast enough, before Kaden notices he's not being actively engaged.  Simple crossword puzzles, word problems or mazes do the trick 75% of the time.  But, the other 25% of the time is enough Stank to my day that it will make you move as fast as you can to try and avoid it. :)

We are still doing the Solar System for Science and he enjoys pondering on the possibilities of what can't be seen yet. Notice I said the word "Yet".  What is tucked away left to be discovered makes his little hands itch with delight!  And it makes me happy to see him so interested in something other then video games. :)

Anyway, we are still doing Geography and working on his handwriting through his journal entries and writing from a Dictionary.  Yes, I said Dictionary.....he loves it.  I introduced him to it this past week, he was floored and was determined to find a "missing" word.  Why does he automatically go there?

Today we canceled therapy and school time because he is sick with a cold.  But, our plans this week is to start introducing him to the Fine Arts and do a more formal lesson on Classical Composers.  He Loves Classical Music and likes to announce different instruments as they begin playing.  I know he may not remember all that is taught to him and I have heard from a few people that will remain nameless that this may be way over his head because he is on the Spectrum.  I hate when people put limitations on a person.  Here we go back to Kaden's Question.  Why give up before even trying.  How do You explain to a child that he has a limit of what he is able to learn.  I know this 1st hand, because Kaden's Brother was in public school untill 6th grade.  They told me he would never go past 4th grade math.  He would never make it to college and that I needed to come to terms with it.  Well, for EVERYONE'S info Skylar graduated last year and made it all the way to Calculus in Math.  He is currently attending College and working a full time job.......he's 19 years old.  Drumroll pleeeease!!!!  BITE ME are the words that come to my mind at the moment.

So you see I think they are all wrong.....Kaden's capabilities are endless, I don't know what his future holds.  But, in the here and now he needs and craves the stimulation both physically and academically.   Even if certain people think I'm wasting time teaching my Autistic Son about Mozart, Platonic Solids, how to find Prepositions and Reading The Hobbit with him, I'm not!  And as long as he is Happy and Interested then I will be Happy and Learning right alongside him. ;) He has BIG Important Things to do with His Life!!!

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