ABA comes to Class

Art Project during our Unit Study of Japan
Having Kaden's ABA therapist over for a morning of Homeschooling was awesome.  She was able to see how a typical school day fits into our already busy day.  I have to say Kaden was on his BEST behavior in the beginning.  He did extra math and didn't complain when it was time to work on his handwriting.  I was thinking she should just pack up her bags and move on in.  :)  So, half way through her visit I pulled her aside while he was in the potty to let her in on the Gig he was pulling. ;)  She knew and figured that that's how it would be.  After the "Potty Accident" (a whole other story) she went into the front room to work on some paper work.  She probably was just settled on the couch when he started to walk around the table, looking all around, getting frustrated and basically not wanting to finish the project we had started.  Bingo, I found Kaden!!  :)

I started thinking, ok if he can behave and keep focused for an hour while she is here, why can't he do it when she isn't.  I mean I only do maybe 2 hours of school with him as it is.  It's all about the structure and he knows what she expects and what comes next when it comes to routine.  I'm not good with routine, especially with school work.  My goal this year is to become more routine oriented when it comes to his school day. 

After I talked to her a few days later, she had a list of things we could work on.  Number one thing is his independence.  I do everything for him, get out his pencil, hold the book, dress him, you name it he needs that attention or guidance.  The other day I let him put on his clothes by himself.  They didn't match and I was like whatever.  But, the shirt was inside out and backwards.  It was a collared shirt.  I was like Kaden!!!!  Isn't that uncomfortable with that collar flapping in your face?????  He said no it was fine and shrugged his shoulders.  :D  You just have to love him!!!  Of course I helped him turn his shirt around and he still wore the  outfit with one striped sock and one of his sister's that was bright white.  I figure you need to pick your battles and take one step at a time!  :)

Making a Japanese Zen Garden
I will start having a BT here with Kaden twice a week in the mornings along with all his afternoon care.  We will have a complete program and I am over the moon about it.  Homeschooling NT Kiddos is soooooo different then a Kiddo on the Spectrum.  I'm learning this just in time.  Reaching him academically is a challenge, he has a total different view of education and how he learns new information.   His mentality is do the important stuff first and get it over as fast as possible.  Nothing really captures him like a typical kiddo.  I made fossils with our dino study awhile back and we did a bone excavation.  He was excited to chip the dirt away and accomplish finding all the bones.  After that was accomplished it was soooo long Mom!  :)  And making the fossils was exciting for Mahala, but Kaden was more concerned about the sizes of each pieces of clay in proportion to each item we were trying to make a fossil with.  :P

The next 6 or 7 years will be very interesting!!!  I'm just thankful to have the ABA support to help me set a great learning foundation as far as his Learning Behavior.  I would strongly suggest if you Homeschool and have a Kiddo on the Spectrum, get as much ABA guidance as possible.  This is a 1st for the ABA Company we use, so this is all new for them.  But, they see the need and are very excited to learn new ways of therapy that they can offer.

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