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TeenCoder SeriesThis was a Review perfectly Designed for Our Family!  Hubby is a Computer Engineer and my Middle Kiddo is destined to follow in his foot steps.  Kaden who is only 6 years old seemed to have been born with a laptop in hand with his very own trigger finger.  :)  So, you can imagine the happy faces and the squeals of delight that came from my Kiddos when I introduced them to the Homeschool Programming program.  Let's just say I haven't had to ask them to get out there materials more then once whenever it's time to work.  They even offer to read aloud for me. :) I could get used to this!

I still remember when I bought my first computer.  I was 22, in college and I remember leaving the box at the store because it wouldn't all fit in my tiny car.  I thought it was such a monster and was worried sick about figuring out where all the cords plugged in at.  HAHAHAHA  Now, I have 5 computers and 3 of them fit under my arm and weigh in under 15lbs.  Back then it was a whole new world and it took me awhile to figure out what was what.  Fast forward 15 years and even my youngest can set up his own computer, open an email account and he just knows where to plug things in at.  What happened to this new generation of Kiddos???  All I know is just to look cool to my Kiddos I need this Programming Series just as much, if not MORE then they do.  :)

Mahala's Face shows a little of the Confession we had going on in the beginning! 
We were given the TeenCoder Windows Game Programing to Review.  I'm going to be honest that it was not easy to get started and I did need extra help.  But, I have been known to loose files and I'm no stranger to the call Hubby at work for technical help game. :)  That said we started off a little shaky, but after a little guidance and a few hand holding sessions we were able to see the light.

Homeschool Programming offers Two Courses.  The KidCoder and TeenCoder Series.
  • KidCoder: Beginning Web Design - 1st semester course introducing HTML and CSS
  • KidCoder: Advanced Web Design - 2nd semester course on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • recommended for Kiddos in the 6th-8th
  • requires a Windows-based computer


  • TeenCoder: Windows Programming - 1st semester course introducing C#
  • TeenCoder: Game Programming - 2nd semester course teaching C# game programming
  • recommended for Kiddos in the 9th-12th
  • requires a Windows-based computer

KidCoder Series

  • TeenCoder: Java Programming - 1st semester course Java Introduction
  • TeenCoder: Android Programming - 2nd semester course teaching Android programming in the Java language
  • recommended for 9th-12th
  • compatible with both Windows & Mac OS-based computers

Each course is available individually for $70, or bundle both semesters for $120.  Go Check out their Website and take a look at their Additional Courses.  Stop by and say Hello on Facebook or Twitter.

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