Our New Abode

We have been anticipating our new house for over a year now & finally the time is right around the corner.  We are sooooo excited about the new house not the packing.  But, it comes with the territory.  We will manage, how I'm still skeptical but I'm sure we will live.  HAHAHAHAHA  

Juggling homeschooling, 30 hours of ABA therapy, appointments and health issues and just the stress of all the change going on it will be a miracle to get through this without increasing my Happy Pills!  :D

So, we just went out and saw the house and all it's glory.  It's so funny how houses look smaller before the walls are up.  As soon as the walls go up and the paint is on them it like doubles in size.

Kaden was so cute!!!  He wanted to take pictures with his own camera.  He has become quiet the photographer since getting his camera this past Christmas.  :)  After we walked around the property and talked about all the painting we were going to do and where the garden was going to be planted we decided to head out to an early dinner.

 We wanted Italian food, so we went to Macaroni Grill.  Unfortunately it ended up not being very good and the service was the worst we had had in years.  I guess that's what we get for going before the normal dinner time hour.  


But, Kaden had a great time.  He of course ate PIZZZZZZA!!  And we ate out usual meal as well.  It's so funny we always get the same thing when we go there.  One day I will venture out and order something new.  But, I love their Penne Rustica!   :)

Do you have an Italian Fav????

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