Medieval Game Review!!!

Another Review for a Great Game.  I Love to use games in Our Homeschool.  At least 3 or 4 times a week we forgo a Written Assignment or Worksheet to play some sort of Game that is Educational. 

My oldest is the History junkie, but now he has Graduated and Working full time.  So, all I have home with me are Science & Math Nerds.  HAHAHAHAHA So, they were not too interested at first, but after getting it all set up and the first match was made their tune changed.   YAY!!

The game I was given to Review is from The Classical Historian.  The Classical Historian Medieval History Memory Game is similar to the Classic Memory Game.  When we received it in the mail I thought that it would be a great way to brush up on Mahala's Medieval History Skills and to introduce Kaden to a Period of time he had not learned about yet. 

It's nice to hear that The Classical Historian is a Family-run Company that sells History Curriculum for Middle and High School Grades.  You can Quickly take a look at the Memory Game we Reviewed, Medieval History.... (available here for $14.95).   Other games include Ancient History and American History Memory, and a Go Fish Game in the same three Time Periods.  I can't wait to try the Go Fish Games!!!! :D
The Medieval History Memory contains 64 game play cards and two sets of four category cards (Europe, the Americas, the Far East and Arabia).  I was VERY Impressed with the Quality of the Game.  It came in a Nice Sturdy Box and the actual game pieces were Sturdy also.  Nothing stinks more then bent or riped up cards after just a few plays.  This game will make it to see my Grandchildren!  That makes me Happy and the Hubby!  :) 

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