What Was On Our Table Last Week

Some of our favorites this week have actually been sides.  And that's different, usually sides are bland or just average.  But, the Fam is embarrassing the Summer and all the veggies that come with the Season!  Good for Me and Good for Them.


Medieval Game Review!!!

Another Review for a Great Game.  I Love to use games in Our Homeschool.  At least 3 or 4 times a week we forgo a Written Assignment or Worksheet to play some sort of Game that is Educational. 

My oldest is the History junkie, but now he has Graduated and Working full time.  So, all I have home with me are Science & Math Nerds.  HAHAHAHAHA So, they were not too interested at first, but after getting it all set up and the first match was made their tune changed.   YAY!!


Our New Abode

We have been anticipating our new house for over a year now & finally the time is right around the corner.  We are sooooo excited about the new house not the packing.  But, it comes with the territory.  We will manage, how I'm still skeptical but I'm sure we will live.  HAHAHAHAHA  


Bridging the Gap with a Book

Have you ever had something happen to you and you just KNOW it is a Direct Gift from God?  I have been fortunate to have had this happen to me several times in my life. God has been a Huge part of my life and I can safely say that I would not be here today if he was not walking along side me every single day.... many days carrying me.  
You can go back and look at some of my past posts to see what I mean exactly.  

Today I have to share with you the little Miracle that God did for me and my Family just a few weeks ago. 


The Scraps of Bento

Kaden's Pretty Breakfast

 I just thought it would be funny to show what happens to all the pieces from Kaden's Bento Boxes.  People always ask me what I do with all the left overs and don't I hate wasting food. 

The Answer is obvious in the following Pictures.

At least Mine came with a Big Iced Coffee!!  Can't complain!

Kaden had Flower shaped sponge cake with chocolate and sprinkles with Strawberries!


What's in Your Box this Week?

Bentos this week so far!  I took a few weeks off and Kaden acted like I was depriving him of Fresh water.  This Kiddo is Crazzzzzzy about Bentos.  Can you blame him though.  Everything is Bite size and cute.  It's easy to eat and usually there is no mess.  He is a Boy child.  And you know a Boy Child can be a little on the messy side and clean up is not their favorite thing to do.  Actually that might be just a "child" thing :D


A little Help from the Siblings

Kaden was riding all over the neighborhood the other night in his Peddle Cart.  I find it sooths him being so close to the ground and he can actually handle it, unlike his bike.  He has a hard time still staying upright on his bike.  He has training wheels still and he rides the left one like mad.  Basically he rides on his front tire and left training wheel.  He reminds me of Forrest Gump. 

Speaking of Forest Gump....I love that restaurant!!!  Anyone else been there before?  If you ever get a chance to go...RUN....RUN to it and order your self the Bucket of Trash.  It's so yummmmmy!

Anyway, back to the Peddle Cart.....

He was just about to turn off of the sidewalk to cross the street when all of a sudden the steering column broke.  He was so sad.  :(  Honestly I was afraid he was going to have a melt down.  But, he surprised me and just skipped along home while his older brother drug it back home.

Now we need to get the parts to fix it, would hate to go too many weekend without one of his favorite toys. :)