Puzzle Time!

 Every year around the Holidays we break out the Puzzles.  It's a tradition that we have done every since the kids were little. 
 I love sipping on hot chocolate or Hot tea while scouring the table looking for that one piece.  This year we have a ton of new ones.  I have a series of 4 puzzles that are Asian inspired and several Country Chic.  We also have an all white puzzle that I know is going to be a eye popper!  HAHAHAHA
 Kaden helps with the Big puzzles, but also has a few 100 piece ones he will do too.  Mahala is the best builder.  I swear she will finish a 1000 piece puzzle in 2 days.  It's crazzzzzzzzzy!  I'll post as we finish them.


Oh Thankful Tree, How Beautiful You Are!

This is our Thankful tree.......
Every year I pull out the brown construction paper and make a huge tree.  And everyone cuts out red, yellow, brown and orange leaves.  During the month of November and part of October we write down things we are thankful for.  We get tons up on the tree and then on Thanksgiving during our dinner we read them.  I put the year on the backs of them after we take it down.  Sometimes it stays up past Christmas and then we take it down before the new year.  It's just nice to see all those beautiful words up.
Tonight the brown paper comes out, YAY!!!!


Confection Love!

Mahala has been taking a cake decorating class for two weeks now.  She Loves it soooooo much.  I am thrilled with her enthusiasm and delighted with all the yummy treats she makes.
I think her learning piano and cake decorating can pay off if she decides later in life to make extra money during college or as a stay at home Mom if she chooses.  She can teach piano lessons and there is a cake need for just about every occasion.
She has many more classes to perfect her new found confection love.  And we will be there for her every yummy bite of the way.  :)


The Autism Silence

It's been a hard weekend for me.  The silence is killing me.  I think the silence and lack of socializing is harder on me then the anger, tantrums, misunderstandings and sleepless nights that Autism has brought into our Family.  I know it might sound crazy....but, I feel so useless right now.  All Kaden wants to do is be alone in his room or playing a computer game.
Last night I found him playing legos in his room.  I acted so excited and intrigued in what he was building.  I smiled and asked if I could sit down and play with him.  This was attempt #6 for the day.  He told me in a mono-toned voice that I couldn't and he reminded me that it was his room and he needed his time to himself.  All day, he spent alone in that room organizing and reading.  I only saw him when he came out to eat and once when he asked to work in his workbooks.  It's as if he doesn't care to participate, very little gives him joy on an everyday level.  I mean yes, a trip to Disney would make him smile.  But, common everyday things pass right by him.  And those are the most wonderful things in life! 
It's hard to not take it personally.  I hate to sound like a huge baby but, it hurts my feelings.  I talked with my husband last night about it, he says not to let it bother me.  Ohhhh, ok I get it now.  Let me flip the switch to "don't care".  :p  Anyway, later I heard him tell Kaden that he should go spend a little time with me before bed.  He groaned, actually groaned!  Reluctantly he came into the bedroom, because he still sleeps with us.  We read books together and I made up a silly game with bubbles that he laughed at and enjoyed.  And then it was time for lights out, so our routine started.  A squirt or 2 of lavender and eucalyptus room spray.  Lullaby music and the coveted RED blanket that he has to have.  We laid down and before he piled the pillows to cover his face, he held my face and said to me that he loves me and never wants me to leave him.  So, of course like right now I started to get teary eyed.  After telling him how I would always be there for him, that I loved doing things together. I told him that that's why sometimes I feel sad or lonely when we don't hang out.  He told me he just likes his space to himself and that he had things to do.
I realized by the sound of his voice that he did not understand like one of the other kids would, that my feelings were hurt.  He didn't get it because he has Autism and this is just apart of our life now.  I just have to remember that and quit comparing him to the other kids.  The other kids were always up my butt doing a craft or playing a game.  Kaden is just not going to be like that and I have to stop feeling like it's my fault and that there must be something wrong with me.
I mean nobody else in this house is bothered that he could seriously go the whole weekend without interacting with anyone except for when he needs something he can't do for himself.  So, why does it bother me???????  I think I already answered myself a line or two up, I just blame myself and it has got to stop.

I think I will talk with his therapist on Monday.  I know the ABA therapy wears him out, which means that's less time he is willing to give to the family.  I just love him so much, he is my world and I would do anything for him.....anything.  I feel a little better now......off to make some dinner!


Men and Fireworks

 Every year the week of 4th of July it's the same thing.  I don't care where we live or what we are doing you can always count on 3 things.  First, there will be more food then what a normal family of 5 should consume on any given day.  The second thing is that we will always and I mean ALWAYS buy our fireworks at the last possible moment we can.  And the third thing we can always count on happening every single 4th of July is that my Husband will spend a minimum of 45 minutes at one of those firework booths.  He has to look at all the prices of every firework box set.  He will compare prices with other booths, talk to other shoppers and we almost always see him pointing to the left or right towards a booth down the road. It's embarrassing at times, I just know local booths probably have his picture up inside warning about his 101 questions that he is destined to ask each and every year.

It's so funny, because the kids will take turns standing out there, braving the heat with him and then come back to the van with their status report.  We try and figure out what we think he'll end up buying and how much longer we will have to endure our wait from hell.
Of course the kids beg for the BIG ONE package, but you know what we end up getting?  The same thing every single year, minus a few whistle blowers or sparklers.
Every single year, never fails and I swear it's the same price.  I ask him WHHHHYYYYYY does he go thru this every single year.  He just smiles and gives me his whole talk on being a Man and this is what they do.........  Okay, whatever, so I guess you will find me sitting in the van every year with a good book waiting on my Man!