Men and Fireworks

 Every year the week of 4th of July it's the same thing.  I don't care where we live or what we are doing you can always count on 3 things.  First, there will be more food then what a normal family of 5 should consume on any given day.  The second thing is that we will always and I mean ALWAYS buy our fireworks at the last possible moment we can.  And the third thing we can always count on happening every single 4th of July is that my Husband will spend a minimum of 45 minutes at one of those firework booths.  He has to look at all the prices of every firework box set.  He will compare prices with other booths, talk to other shoppers and we almost always see him pointing to the left or right towards a booth down the road. It's embarrassing at times, I just know local booths probably have his picture up inside warning about his 101 questions that he is destined to ask each and every year.

It's so funny, because the kids will take turns standing out there, braving the heat with him and then come back to the van with their status report.  We try and figure out what we think he'll end up buying and how much longer we will have to endure our wait from hell.
Of course the kids beg for the BIG ONE package, but you know what we end up getting?  The same thing every single year, minus a few whistle blowers or sparklers.
Every single year, never fails and I swear it's the same price.  I ask him WHHHHYYYYYY does he go thru this every single year.  He just smiles and gives me his whole talk on being a Man and this is what they do.........  Okay, whatever, so I guess you will find me sitting in the van every year with a good book waiting on my Man!

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