Oh Thankful Tree, How Beautiful You Are!

This is our Thankful tree.......
Every year I pull out the brown construction paper and make a huge tree.  And everyone cuts out red, yellow, brown and orange leaves.  During the month of November and part of October we write down things we are thankful for.  We get tons up on the tree and then on Thanksgiving during our dinner we read them.  I put the year on the backs of them after we take it down.  Sometimes it stays up past Christmas and then we take it down before the new year.  It's just nice to see all those beautiful words up.
Tonight the brown paper comes out, YAY!!!!

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  1. This is a really cool idea--might have to bring it along when I move again.

    BTW, yes, I'm still alive, just haven't blogged much. I did start up a new blog--Whiplash Smile just wasn't working as a home for my writing.