Does the WWF take children?

I woke up this morning to a small foot kicking me in the ribs. Why is Kaden so ruff? I mean one minute he was Sweet Baby Kaden & the next Thanh was signing him up with the WWF.
Here is what I'm thinking the deal is. I mean I know he 2 and a 1/2. We all know about the terrible 2's, but seriously. He is ruff & talks back. Yesterday I tried to put him in timeout because he would not come inside. He told me No. And then I was like yes, sir you need a time out. And then he crossed his little arms & said but I'm too angry to go to time out. It was kind of funny, because he was so serious. The thing that upsets me the most is his hitting. What the Heck, I don't like it a bit. My other two kids never did this.
So when ever there is a problem I always assess the situation. And I always have to fix it. So assessing our situation I feel there is influence involved.
One influence is Mahala. She is so ruff & loud. Not to mention Moody! The joke around here is that we wish her period would go ahead & start. I know that's an awful thought about your daughter, but it's true. She's the middle child. And I know it's hard for her to be in the middle of Skylar, who is almost the perfect child & Kaden who is the baby. Back to Kaden though, Mahala needs a post all to herself.
My second influence is that Kaden sees Skylar & Mahala fighting way too much. They are 9 & 15, sometimes they are close & other times they are worlds apart.
And the last influence is tv. During the summer I allow the kids to watch tv freely. Freely means during the day when we don't have something to do. Even though the shows are PG, some of them may not be appropriate for Kaden to catch an eye full here & there. Sometimes I wonder about Nickelodeon & the Disney channel.
Thankfully school is starting, because then I will not have to worry about this one. During the school year the kids do not get tv Mon- Thurs. And only for a Family movie night on Fri. And Sat. & Sun. is only after all the chores are done & after any running around we have to do. They usually end up with about 4 hours of tv a week, including the Family movie. This has been our tv schedule for the past 8 years. And has worked, but I may need to be more guarded for Kaden's sake.
Maybe the move is contributing too. His behavior really changed this Summer. And this Summer we have been packing & slowly moving. And now we are slowly unpacking.
I know it's all normal & I just need to tweak a few things. As parents we all want the best for our little ones. And having bad behavior is something you don't want your little one to have.
Hopefully I wont go completely crazy!!!! But, with some structure back in the house & some discipline I think we might just make it. I am Manic Mom after all.....I'm already crazy!


  1. I would have to say that part of it probably is due to what he sees from the older two..its amazing the influences the older kids have on the younger ones....and Im sure moving hasnt helped the mood any..some times kids especially young ones have a hard time with adapting to change....they eventually settle down. When my older kids were young we moved and the oldest which was completely potty changed started peeing the bed at night when we moved....it didnt last long and the doctor said it more then likely had to do with moving. He got over it and things went back to normal...Id also have to say that I tiny bit of it probably comes from being the baby too....they tend to get treated a bit differently by everyone even the siblings....we all tend to baby them a bit...anyway I hope that it all settles down for you once the kiddos are back in school and the unpacking is complete....cuz hun I dont think the WWF takes kiddos..hehe

  2. OMG this is sooo TRUE. Our son just turned 3 and he has been known time and time again to rough house and wrestle his older brothers and taps out (seriously). I thought it was from watching too many wrestling shows. However, he NOW throws hellacious temper tantrums, points his finger with his other arm on his hip or (the one I love - NOT) he SPITS! I so could not believe this, where in the world did he get that from as NO one in our home does it and who in the world taught him to do it when he's just been scolded??!! Oh for the LOVE of pete.