7 Whys

1. Why do we have to have gray hair? I have had grays since I was 18 years old. Why? I color it & I look younger & life is great!. The birds seem to chirp a little louder, the air smells crisp & the screaming, BRAT down the road doesn't seem to annoy me so much. Then 2 weeks or so passes & as I brush the night nast out of my mouth I see a damn gray hair. I look close & freakin A, they are all around my hair line. That's where they start showing their little smart asses, around my face. It's a Vicious cycle, why do we have to go gray?
2. Why do women put on make up while they are driving? Oh, never mind that's me I'm talking about. My bad, never mind. No seriously I can see why that could be a why! SMILE!
3. Speaking of driving..... why do some people get right up on your butt like they are trying to sit in the front seat with you & then you have those people that are so far away from the car in front of them that you could put 2 cars in between?
4. Have you ever wondered why diet has the word die in it? Cause your ass is gonna die trying to live off carrots, yogurt & water. HA HA I thought that was kind of funny.
5. Why does warm bread with whipped butter taste soooooooooooooo good?
6. Why do some kids have to be so cruel in school. Bully's stink.
7. Whatever I decide to cook for dinner I am always missing 1 ingredient, why????


  1. OH my goodness woman...I like this post....I have those damn gray hairs popping up too and it makes me so mad!!! I dont do the make up while driving thing...but then I work from home so I dont have too!!! I totally laughed out loud on number 4!!!!I like that one!!! mmmmm warm bread and butter...YUMMY...now you know why I laughed so hard at number 4!! Im not a diet girl!!! and I so hate bullies....it breaks my heart when someone gets teased!! As for dinner and missing ingredients...makes a good excuse to go out!!!! hehe love this post!

  2. After my hair grew back BROWN! It was BLONDE for 37 years before chemo. So..it was all grown in and bam! Gray hairs everywhere! That wasn't nice now, was it? I didn't sign up for that color now did I? Bread and butter....mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm! Heaven! And, when people bully others it makes me so freaking mad. If only they knew the feelings they were hurting! And, I don't miss many ingredients in dinners so I can't say much about that! Thanks for the laugh! :)

  3. I don't have the gray hairs yet, but I'm sure they're coming! I am always lacking an ingredient or two. I improvise

  4. LOL at number 4! I hate #3! And now I want to go straight into the kitchen and make some bread so I can have some with whipped butter, oh that sounds so yummy!

  5. I do not even want to THINK about warm bread with whipped ANYTHING on it. Day 7 NO CARBS--woo-hoo! (not) Great list of "whys"!