People Under the Bridge

Flash Back on a past post-
Today was a day that nothing went right.It started out with a headache that I went to bed with. We had a birthday party to get to by 11am. HA! Then another party to get to at 2pm. I ended up missing both. Had to go to the shop to cover a shift in the middle of it all. Our aupair, Anna lost her ride so we had to get her to the city by 3pm. All this and none of us had ate a thing all day. The baby was the happiest, go figure. While we were dropping Anna off in the city we got lost of course. But, we saw something that changed my thoughts for the day. We saw this under pass with probably 50 homeless people all huddled together. Some had tents others stood by fires trying to deal with the rain & cold. I looked into some of their eyes. I had those eyes. I remember looking into the cars that passed me searching for that "click" look of let me help you. I would think where are they going, where have they been. Who are they? I wanted to be them, anyone.... just not me. Not here, not right now with no place to go. The kids know that there was a time I too had no home, no place to escape the world. Skylar was with me, just the two of us. We talked today briefly about the people under the bridge. Mahala is amazed to hear about the life those people have. Skylar knows, he has been there too.I sat back in my seat & closed my eyes thanking God that I am not looking into this car wondering where it's going. I know where it's going, it's going Home. Nothing can happen to me now that can compare to where I've been. So automatically my day looked brighter & it didn't seem so bad after all.

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