I call it Home

I'm here, I'm here!!!!!!!!
I hope you all haven't forgotten who I am.
Life has been so crazy around my house. Or should I say houses.
We started moving boxes into the new house the last week in July. And last Saturday we moved all the furniture over. Saturday was our first night here. I can't believe it's been a week already.
We love this little house. Yes, there are major changes. But, I think with some crafty organizing and patience we should be able to live here comfortably.
We still have a lot to move yet. So, once or twice a day the kids and I go and load up the van. And then we unpack it and find a new place to smush it. That was Mahala's exact words.
The other day we were going to the New house with boxes and Kaden was so excited and giggling about going to the New house to play trucks. Mahala then asked me when do we stop calling the New house the New house. I don't know, that's a great question. I told her that she can call it the New house until she felt like it was truly Home. It's getting there, I told her. I said a house is just a house until you put all your loved ones in it. Then it's called your HOME!


  1. I agree with you fully. The house becomes a home when all your loved ones are there.
    Good luck "smushing" everything in your new digs. I'm sure you'll find a place for everything. I hope you will really love living in your new house.

  2. Oh how I dislike moving! Hope everything has gone smoothly, I know how stressful it all can be! You should post pictures once your unpacked:-)

  3. a new house!!!! Isnt it fun and exciting?? ok its also alot of work!!! but still its like a fresh new start!!! and you are right about your "a house is just a house until you put all your loved ones in it. Then it's called your HOME!" Glad you are doing ok and cant wait to hear more about the NEW HOUSE!!!

  4. It'll probably stop being the "new" house when you cut the cord to the "old" house. I hate the whole process of moving, but there is something exciting and fun about finding new places to put things and organizing in a new place. Good luck with it!