Manic Questions

People email me daily about my posts. The questions range from past stuff to daily routines now. So I thought it might be interesting to answer your questions here online. What do you think?

I want it said that I am in constant pain every day and have been since 2004. People ask how can I be so positive. I believe that you chose your daily attitude. I'm going to be in pain whether I have a negative or positive attitude. It truly is easier to be positive. Now with that said I an definitely no saint, just ask my family. But, it's the thought that counts, right??? Being also Bipolar causes my moods to go crazy at times. But, with meds and early detection of when I feel a freak out coming, life can be good.
I realize that there is a significant curiosity about some of the diseases and life experiences that I've had. So, here you go people, you've asked for it.

Q. What illness do you have?
A. Are you ready? Lupus, high blood pressure, ulcertive colitis, diverticulitis, R.A., inflammatory arthritis, sever edema and I'm bipolar.
To explain them briefly- Lupus causes my immune system to attack my organs and body instead of infection or disease. My immune system is retarded, great. Mine right now attacks all of my joints and bones, causes fluid to build up in my lungs and around my heart. I also have sensitive skin so I'm supposed to avoid the sun. Because my immune system is busy with other things infections and viruses cause me to be more sick then everyone else in my family. Why.....cause my immune system is out to lunch and attacking something that I need to stay alive. Great job, Lupus!!!
High blood pressure is just that, I've had it for like 4 years now. My colitis is hard to explain, it causes terrible pain and bleeding in my intestines. Diverticulitis, well this is basically inflammation in my intestines along with holes that could cause Serious problems. I just try and keep a close eye on it. R.A. and inflammatory arthritis sucks, that's all that needs to be said. My edema is pretty bad. There are days that my feet are soooooooo swollen I can't put my flip flops on. My legs are so swollen at times that all I can wear is a night gown. I can take water pills to try and get it off, but most of the time my body hangs on to it like it's chocolate. And my dear bipolar, oh what a friend of mine. We have been together since I can remember. Crazy runs deep in my veins, LOL. Bipolar is different for everyone. But for me, Mania is my problem. My moods changes several times a day. I have tons of anxiety, that usually heightens in the evening and in the winter, then that turns into depression. Bipolar has a lot of doors, some days only a few open and some days the whole house explodes with open doors.
So, I hope that answers that question. Today is a BIG Game Day, so I will be cooking for the boys and grocery shopping.


  1. God bless you, Manic -- how I love (and appreciate) your outlook amidst what some would be (by their own decision, as you've wisely observed) incapacitating circumstances.

    My hat is off to you, Sister! :)

  2. LORD! No wonder you are in pain every day. SHEESH! I suffer from colitis as well, and literally feel your pain! UGH!

  3. Sheila: My goodness girl! I need to be seriously praying for you more everyday. I love your attitude and I have learned so much from you Girlfriend! Almost every single thing you have down causes physical pain. BiPolar--Oh, do I understand! My brain seems to be out to lunch on many aspects because the meds sloooooooooowww me down! Ugh!