Christmas with a Splash of Crazy

I’m looking at all the millions of things I have on my calendar for December and want to cry. Sometimes I just want to be. Just to lounge through my day with no real commitments. I often think to myself about what life will be like when I grow old. I think I would be great old women. Hell I already have the bones of a 60 year old. Thanks to Lupus. And I play a pretty mean ass game of dominoes!!!!
It’s December and everyone is feeling overwhelmed; why the heck does EVERYTHING have to be crammed into a 25 day period. My friend, Paula has 4 Christmas parties this weekend alone. All I need is a piece of pie with a mound of whipped cream, the clicker, a cozzzzy blanket and a scented candle nearby. Mmmmmmmm!!!!!! Just one full day of this would put the Saint back in St. Nick for me. LOL
But, back to reality we have school deadlines, papers to grade, reports that need researched, cookies to be baked and meals to cook.
Yesterday Thanh and I were talking about the presents we have for each of the kids. We can’t wait to see their little faces when they come down the stairs this year. I started thinking about the last gifts my parents ever bought me.
My Dad died November, 1986 and on that day I found the last present he had bought for me. I remember we were back at the house after being at the hospital for what seemed like forever. I ran straight for my parent’s bedroom. I sat on the bed and looked around. I wanted to take in every detail there was to take in. I could still smell his cologne and his socks were on the floor from the day before. Even though this was a painful time for me, I never wanted to forget. I walked into their closet and ran my hands across all of Daddy’s clothes. All of his Navy uniforms were hanging there almost mourning him too. I squatted down to cry on the floor and behind the clothes I could see a huge box. It was a telescope. I was shocked and thrilled, yet sad that it would never be shared with my Dad. I left it there untouched. I didn’t want to spoil the joy Mom might have of giving this gift to me.
My Mom’s last gift to me was a jean trench coat. I just had to have it!!!! Everyone had one and I knew we didn’t have the money so, I was not expecting there to be one under our tree that year. I remember I was taking a Home Ec. Class that year and we were learning how to embroidery. I brought in my coat and did my initials on the side pocket. I still have that coat in my closet today.
I love Christmas Time……..

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  1. Don't let the Season stress you. It is a time to enjoy and celebrate. It can only stress you as much as you let it. What doesn't get done, just doesn't get done. Just breathe in the joy, and spit out the stress.