Christmas Wonder

I am still full, full of turkey and all it's fixin's. We had a great Thanksgiving! We have a ton to be thankful for this year. And Thankful we are, it shows on our Thankful tree. We made a tree on our dinning room wall, it's about 5 feet tall. And we have a ton of leaves with things we are thankful for on them. Everyone that came over for Thanksgiving was impressed by it's Wonder!
Now on Black Friday, what did you do? I shopped till I about dropped. Yes, I know that I have already made my list and checked it twice. I know that I have already shopped and wrapped everything. And yes, I know that my closet is full of black garbage bags with those wrapped presents in them. But, I had to go out and just see if there was maybe one more thing out there. One gift calling my name because it was so ridiculously on sale! Buy me, buy me, I swear I could hear it over the loud ass foot ball game that Thanh had blaring in the living room.
Now what kind of person would I be if I ignored that little item that was on sale. I'll tell you, I would be a person with a few hundred dollars more in her pocket. Yes, I did spend a little more, but I saved a lot. This Christmas the kids are going to be amazed. We have had some pretty weak Christmas present giving in the past. But, God has provided for us this year. We will be able to sit back on Christmas morning and know that the kids are going to love their presents. And we know they are not going to break by dinner and we don't have to scratch the dollar store name off of the wrapping. Thank you Lord!!
But, I know where I've come from. I remember a time when Skylar and I stayed in an abandoned house in Florida. We spent the holidays one year in this house and a group of ladies came up to the door. I was scared to open it, because nobody knew I lived there. I had no electricity or water. You will have to get my book to read the whole story. But, the point I'm trying to say now is that these women were from a local church and they saved our Christmas. They brought food, both hot and canned. None of it needed to be refrigerated, they most have known my circumstances. And they brought presents for my sweet boy. I was shaken with delight, surprised that once again I was blessed. Skylar ran around with a tiny back pack filled with toys. He was so happy and that made me happy and sad. I felt sad because I worried if I would ever be able to give him this much joy and happiness on my own. Could I ever do it on my own....This is a scary thought when you are on the streets with a baby. Fear was my middle name, still is sometimes. So, if I seem a tad over kill about this Christmas, please know that I generally do not spoil my kids. And I definitely know the true meaning of Christmas. I'm just having a moment and I'm taking advantage of it fully.
I'm off to join my kids now. We are doing Christmas crafts and decorations for the house.


  1. Glad to hear things are going better financially. What changed? And thank God it did.

  2. You are an awesome Mom Sheila! I mean that, too! I am glad you get to spoil your kids this year! We don't spoil our kids much either. Christmas is slim, but when we get our tax return they don't know what's coming! I can't wait to see their faces when Dad brings it home! A WII! They have been wanting one for so long! Love ya!

  3. Sheila,

    I am so glad you are looking forward to a good holiday. You and your family deserve it.