Happy Day Before Turkey Day!

Yeeeaaaa Haaaaaw!!! I completed my scrapbook in just 3 little days and mailed it off to Thanh's Godmother. She is going to be so thrilled, because she has Never even seen a pic of Kaden. I took pics from the past two years of all of the kids and made the perfect Christmas gift for her.
Besides all that I have been busy cleaning up a storm for Thanksgiving. I have 14 people total that will be enjoying my Holiday Feast. The cold weather really bothers my joints, so I try and clean a little each day. Mahala and Skylar are sooooooo helpful too. I am truly blessed to have such great kids.
The kids chores are divided and posted on the fridge. I have Mahala's, Skylar's and then the House chores. House chores are for everyone to do.
Mahala's chores are to Vacuum the whole house once a week and the play areas twice a week.
Help fold laundry and put it away.
Clean the bathrooms real good once a week.
Keep her room clean.
Skylar's chores are to feed the dogs daily.
Do the dishes and sweep/mop the kitchen/dinning room.
Take out the garbage and recycling. This also is a daily job.
I help out with each chore, I always want the kids to know that chores are not a punishment it's a necessity. For instance Skylar does the dishes, but I always do the counters and stove. We joke and say that from the waist down I'm like the rusty Tin man and there ain't no oil around!! LOLOLOL
So, now I am off to chop and stir my stuff. I want to be as prepared as possible for tomorrow.
Here is my Menu-
Turkey- Duh!
Stuffing-southern style! It's goooooooooooooooooood!
Cranberry sauce-only from a can will do for my family!
Green bean casserole- a must
Garlic mashed potatoes-Mmmmmmmmmm!
Gravy- Duh!
Yams- with marshmallows!
Mac -N- Cheese- My Mom's recipe that I loved as a child & everyone begs me to make!
Rolls- yeasssssty!
Salad- To look healthy!
Pies- of course!
I think that is all. I don't have to do any of the appetizers or drinks & Paula is also taking care of the desserts except pies. Anna had to have pies so I bought some yesterday. Which just reminded me that I need whipped cream!
Did I leave anything else out?


  1. Are you damning your whipped cream? Pooooooor whipping cream! LOL No seriously, have an awesome Thanksgiving. You rock girlfriend! I am making almost the exact same menu except no garlic in the potatoes. Yuck! Love ya.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you! You have to share the mac & cheese recipe.

  3. sounds like the perfect meal - no yams though - hate those little suckers!