Boob Tube Birthday

Mahala was Thrilled this morning when she opened her nine year old peepers. The exact reaction I was hoping for. She read every balloon twice and then Kaden attacked them all. Kaden is obsessed with balloons.
The mickey mouse pancakes were great and we all served her in bed. After she blew out her candles and chowed down on her breakfast we all relaxed watching the boob tube. I'm old, I just said boob tube. LOL
She opened her gifts and was surprised she had so many. Then she realized a lot of them were clothes. HA HA, got you Mahala!!!! She needed them though and the nonclothes gifts were cool, which made up for the clothes gifts.
Now we are getting ready to have Linner- Lunch/Dinner. She wants sushi, YUCK!!!! But, it's her Special day. So, I will order the teriyaki plate.
Ta Ta For Now!


  1. happy birthday Mahala!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!