Perky Thursday!

So today is Thursday & I am doing what I do BEST!.........
Yes, I said it. First off here are the Big things that need to be accomplished- tomorrow I have a Meeting to attend in the evening. Saturday I am having a Community Yard sale. And Sunday at 6am I need to have 3 kids, a husband an au pair, a dog and myself in a packed van heading towards Malibu! So here are the things I have to do or I will just die.
*I have to go to the grocery store and get food for us all to eat while we are camping.
*Take kids to the pool Friday so I don't kill them
*Go to the REI Store to buy more camping stuff
*Go to Target to buy more fun summer activity stuff
*Wash clothes so we do not have to be naked, unless we want to.....
*Pack everything because husband is not capable
*Take one of the dogs to my friends house for the week...thankful for her
*Go to Sams to get stuff we need BIG!!!
*Buy bike stuff
*Finish gathering Yard Sale stuff
*Price everything so I can make some money honey!!!!
*Plan for the meeting Friday night
*Help Hubby get everything in the car
*Get directions to the camp site
*Clean up after Yard Sale
*Do last minute stuff
I think that is everything. It's not in any order, but it must get done. So, if you see me on here too much tomorrow you have my permission to smack me.
But, the Good part is we are going to camp out on the beach for 5 days. We need that so much. Our family has went through some pretty horrible things this past year. Really the past 3 years have had so many down times, so many tragic things that it can Only go up from here. This is still a PERKY Thursday because my family is movin on up like George and Weesy! And I want to treasure this time and encourage it along. I promise to take a TON of pictures! I am off to my duties!!


  1. I'm so jealous!! Have a great trip; you've earned it!

  2. Anonymous6/05/2008

    i hope you have a fabulous time. thanks for stopping by my blog, i can't wait to read more!!!

  3. all this in ONE day - good luck!!

  4. Heather (from Bama)6/06/2008

    Have fun camping! We will not smack you BUT we will make you go pick your own switch or hickory!