Reality before Reality TV

What should I write about today?
I don't know, it's your blog. What do you want to write about?
I don't know. That's why I asked you.
Now this would be an ok conversation if it were between friends. But, it's not! This is what I hear in my head when it is Monday morning.
It is now almost dinner time, so I better think of something quick!
Ok! It was a dark and stormy night..... I swear it was! And everyone in the house was sleeping, but of course not me. I was crouched beside my window waiting to see the flash of car headlights. This would mean that my ride had arrived. The year was..... I can't remember, but I was like 13 or 14. Yes I was not always the "perfect child" But, the Lord has forgiven me. Thank you Lord.
Back to the story-
So, I was dressed in typical Sheila, want to be "grown up" clothes. That was the phase I was in at the time. I made sure I was ready. Make up on, hair fixed, pillows under my cover just in case Kathy looked in to see if I was ok. I'll explain to you who Kathy was in a future entry.
I turned my radio up just a notch and then I saw the lights. Yesssssssssss, I thought!! Now the windows were only about 6 inches from the floor. So, it was like they were begging me to sneak out. On the other side we had a porch, so it was super easy. The only catch were them huge bags we girls had during that time. So there I am swinging my big purse that's stuffed with teenage necessities. Now this is back in Alabama, in the country. Cow presents are everywhere, so when it rains not only do you have the smell of fresh rain, but the smell of not so fresh rained on cow presents. Going blind by rain and funk I look back one time at the darkened house. Knowing Kathy and Richard are fast asleep I jump in the car. What's uuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!!
We are all excited that we pulled this off and now we were going to Party (aka smoke cigarettes and drink warm !
Here we are parked behind the Frosty Freeze, I think it was called that. What a night!! It lasted like 2 hours, because we were scared. Well, duh!! I'm surprised we didn't get caught. We talked about why life sucked and who we thought was hot and who we wanted to marry. As IF! We rocked out to the radio and talked about how to tight roll our jeans better. Back in the day, wow I can't believe that was me. That is where I used to be.
We drove like 5 minutes back to my house. By then it wasn't raining and it looked like the sun was going to come up. I said goodbye and ran up the driveway. My legs were heavier and I had to pee. I tiptoed onto the porch and slid into my room. It was so warm with familiar smells. I wanted to go straight to sleep but I had to pee.
I walked into the hallway, closed the bathroom door, sat on the toilet and exhaled the thought of sneaking out and not getting caught. About that time I thought I heard something as I washed my hands ever so quietly. I was in Total freak out mode! After thoughts of getting in the shower, faking being sick all night and getting naked with a towel wrapped around me I started to sweat and freakishly get hungry all at the same time.
There was a knock!
Yes??? I was busted!
Hey hon, I didn't know you were going to get up and go with me??
What was I supposed to say? Where was I going to go? What the heck, I didn't care.
I was stuck going to Mobil to look at a property. I thought I might die. I was exhausted, but the was my punishment I figured.


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  2. Hi, found you over on Sarcastic mom's comments and stopped in to see. I'm here for the same reason as you(per your about me)- I am intrigued- I've met so many similar and symathetic souls, it's been great- hope to get to know you better!

  3. Heather6/03/2008

    Hi I just found you on Woulda Coulda. What part of Bama did you grow up in (I am originally from a little hicktown that is 15 mins north of Bham) I know what you are talking about the smell of rain beating down on cow piles. Keep up the good writing!

  4. no advice- I don't know what I'm doing either- you find out somethng- let me know!

  5. I used to live in Blountsville, AL

  6. Ahh the days of sneaking out... My windows were much higher, and we had an alarm on the house... i never did make it out... i thought about it, and just knew i'd get caught.. I waited till i started working, and threw in an extra "shift" here and there to go hang out with friends... it worked... till i got caught... oh well..

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  7. Heather6/03/2008

    ROFL I have spent many of nights sneaking out of the house to go cow tipping in Blountsville! You should know EXACTLY where Corner/Hayden is then! I don't know how long you have been out of AL (LUCKY!) but the areas have not changed much at all.

  8. Hi Manic Mom! Thanks for finding my blog!

  9. hi there. my parents expanded my room when i was young and gave me my own balcony- WITH A LADDER TO THE GROUND! And then they were surprised when I used this feature to sneak out in my teen years. Silly parents. My kids will have to go out a window, the old fashioned way.