Yes, I was Kicked out of Brownies!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
We are back from camping. And can I tell you it feels great to be clean. My family and I had fun. This was our first camping trip with the baby. He did super well. In fact he did awesome. It rained the whole time except the first and last day were fantastic!
Any who, We spent a lot of time trying to stay warm and dry, but we played a ton of games and the kids became one with the woods. Mahala is a full Mountain woman at this point. So all is good. When we packed up the car to leave the campsite, which by the way is my least fav part, we felt a tad of excitement. Thanh loves to pack the car, because he thinks he is the only one that does it right. If he only knew! We got home and all of a sudden we started feeling really dirty. We looked filthy, our stuff looked filthy. We all rushed and brought everything in like in record time. I was amazed! Out in the woods I swear we didn't look so bad. We had even cleaned up before we came home. How funny is that!
I have to say I told everyone we were to be unplugged for the trip. So, no music, game systems, t.v., nothing. They gave me a hard time, but not once in 5 days did they ever say they were bored. Can you believe that, I hear that all day every day here at home and they have every game and system any child could want and not to mention tv, movies and music.
We ate a bunch of snacky stuff they don't normally get at home. And almost every night we had the camp food of All camp food- S'mores. That was yummmmy delicious. I seriously have not had these since before I was kicked out of Brownies when I was a little girl. Yes, I was kicked out of Brownies. They were wrong and I was right........I promise it wasn't my fault at all! That will be another story now back to S'mores...mmmmmmmmmm. We made them, ate them and became intoxicated with the glorious mixture of marshmallow and chocolate. And the graham crackers sent you plum over the top with their crunchy, Cinnamon goodness. So, enough with all that! Now I have a ton of clothes to wash, coolers to clean and so forth. And in less then 2 weeks we are camping again, I can't wait.

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  1. S'mores! Thanks for reminding me - I need to pack the ingredients...