This is exactly the time when I rolled over in bed and lazily opened my eyes. Terror was the next feeling- we have to be at church in exactly 1 hour. How was I going to get myself, 3 kids, an au pair & my husband out the door in time to show up looking like we had been up all morning. Everyone except Thanh and the baby were still sleeping. Oh, & Skylar had a friend stay the night too- just one more that needed to be feed & put together.
Can you believe we actually made it on time & even got the baby to his little class.
Praise the Lord.
After church we ran a few small errands & then we had the BEST turkey pastrami sandwiches ever. Maybe I was just so starving that my taste buds played a trick on me.
The day was great though, we relaxed & played the game phase 10 like a million times.
At dinner we were talking about cartoons we liked as kids, favorite foods & things like that. I enjoy hanging out with my kids. My kids are the best. I wish I could remember times with my Mom & Dad. I just don't remember anymore. Half the memories I have, I'm not sure if they are real or just dreams I've had & don't know the difference. It has been 20 years since my Mom died , 21 for my Dad. Life goes by sooooooooo super fast. That is why I want to spend every moment I can with my kids now, because I don't want them to forget the love I have for them. I want them to have tons of memories to choose from.
Well, I am off for now- nighty night!

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