Warped Taste Buds

Boy, how I used to love me some sweeeet tea! I was Born and raised all over the south. They even showed us how to make sweet tea in large, clean pickle jars in Home Economics. Those were the good old days when you wanted to learn how to keep a clean house and blah, blah, blah!!!  I usually skipped that class unless we were having food. And to this day I still can't sew on a button.

Now after living in CA for 8 years I can't touch sweet tea. Four years ago we went home for a few weeks. My first stop was the Cracker Barrel and Sonny's Pit BBQ! I HEART SONNY'S PIT BBQ! If I could Marry it I soooooooooooo would. Get me a preacher ladies we are about to have a Wedding! All of their sauces and the thinly cut pork! I ordered a BIG glass of iced sweet tea. I had been wanting the real stuff for years. No one sells sweet tea in CA. So, I get this glass and I can't drink it. My taste buds had changed on me. They done went crazy on me. I look up at my husband like what the heck is wrong with me. He's like you haven't had the stuff in years. Actually I do make it at home. Slooooooooowly I started using less and less sugar at home. I evolved I guess.  So like a Big Baby I asked for a glass filled half way with unsweetend tea. Yes!!!!! I had become one of those people. You know what I mean my Southern Bells!
When I reached my family that night everyone was whispering how I had changed. Some people commented about my new accent. Blah, Blah, Blah.....all I could think about was the sweet tea.
All you Southern Bells must hold your glasses high and drink one for Manic Mom. Never let your taste Buds say No to that Southern Sweetness! Ok, I am crazy I told you. I am off to get ready for the yard sale and trip to Malibu.


  1. It's so disappointing when you don't feel the same way about something that you used to love. I'm like that with steamed clams (I know, YUCK!)I'm from New England and that's a big thing there, but, nope. No can do anymore! Have a great weekend!

  2. hey, did you know they started selling sweet tea in mcdonald's? (at least the ones up here in san fran?)

    my husband tried it and said it really is sweet.


  3. I used to love sugar in my coffee- hate it now! I outgrew sweet tea when I was pretty young though! You can see how the kids like candy! Younger taste buds like the sugar!

    Hope the yard sale went well- I dread them!

  4. Anonymous6/07/2008

    I just stumbled on your blog tonight. We lived in the Midwest for almost 3 years and the only time we could get sweet tea is if we went to Cracker Barrel for a meal. Now we are back in the south and can have it anytime we wish, for that I am so thankful. And girl I am right there with you and the Sonny's BBQ. When we lived in IL I only got to have it once a year when I would go home to FL to see my family. Now there is one about 100 miles from me, so no we don't go there often but if we are passing by we stop, it is mandatory!!

  5. Heather W6/09/2008

    GASP! A southern born lady does not like sweet tea?! Just kidding, while I like sweet tea I ONLY like my tea. I have been known to go out to eat and order unsweet and then sweeten it to my likings.