Taco Salad Recipe and my Reason for Being Healthy

So, it's that time of year again....when everyone vows to loose weight and get healthier.  Counting calories and buying new workout wear.  Sweating like beasts and rubbing down aching joints the next day.  I've been there done that....now I'm looking for a lifestyle change, something I can continue while on vacation, sick, depressed, during softball season, on a picnic....I think you get the picture.  Many times one of these "life situations" would happen and my diet would fly out the window.  Over a year ago I started Trim Healthy Mama, lost 15 lbs and then went on a month long camping trip that ended with Disney.  I was only on the THM plan for about 2 weeks before we left and about a week into vacation I dropped THM and grabbed a handful of hot dogs to sooth the pain and guilt away.  

Let's fast forward to today....I have been on the THM Plan for 38 days now, down 12lbs and feel like a New person.  This is My new Life...I will NEVER go back to my old way of eating.  I haven't posted anything, because I was worried that I would fall back and do like all the times before.  But, between you and I.....My health depends on this.  I am a sick 40 year old woman with a lot of life left to live.  Back in December I laid on an operating table while 3 Doctors and an Anesthesiologist contemplated my risk factors for surgery.  They talked with me and shared their many concerns.  At that moment my lack of health became real to me....this isn't just bad numbers on a blood test...this is my life.  They couldn't put me under and my surgery was not completely done because they could only use light sedation.  I will be going back in April to try again, I will be stronger and healthier.  Without this surgery my health will continue to deteriorate.

I started this post to share my Recipe, sorry I went all doom and gloom on you.  I plan to post my meals and share this healing journey with anyone that wants to follow.  I want to forewarn you now I'm not precise with measurements...I'll try to work on that. :)
In the beginning I did more S meals because I have been terrified of Carbs for forever...I'll post about that later.  But, the weight wasn't moving even though I felt better.  I was told to do more E meals, so that's what I'm doing...oh wait you might not even know what an E meal is. 
I know I can't do the Plan justice, but here are the Main Principles:

  • Keep Fats and Carbs separated in your meals. The great thing about THM is that you can have healthy fats and healthy carbs, you just can’t eat them together in the same meal. 
  • You need to Eat some form of Protein with Every meal.
  • You need to Stay away from ALL Kinds of sugar. By doing this You will avoid surging Your body with excess insulin. The THM approved sugar substitutes are Stevia, Truvia(not the Baking blend), Erythritol and Xylitol. 
That's the Cliff Notes Version, but for more information and to start your own journey You should really Read the book
Back to the Recipe....
I needed an E Meal, which is Healthy Carbs 45 Grams /No more then 5 grams of fat.  So, I decided on making a chicken taco salad.
-2 cups of white meat chicken
-1 can of rinsed black beans
-5 green onions chopped
-A whole bunch of chopped cilantro
-1& 1/2 cups of halved baby tomatoes
-5 cups of chopped Romain lettuce 
I sauteed the chicken, onion and black beans along with a few dashes of cumin, paprika and pepper.  I added tons of garlic powder, pinch of salt and a dash or cayenne.  I do like things Hot and Spicy....so add a little at a time.  After everything is cooked through and the flavors are infused I turn off the heat and toss in the cilantro and tomatoes.  Lastly, I scoop out a portion onto a bed of lettuce.  Since this is an E I also added a 1/2 portion of Approved baked blue corn chips.  I did decide at the last minute to add 2 tablespoons of Taco Sauce.
***This is going to be a go to E meal for our Family this Summer because it's supper filling, but not too heavy.  Plus it's pretty fast to make and really easy! 

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