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Listen, have you ever wanted to play piano?  Have you wanted your kids to take piano lessons, but couldn't find the time in your busy schedule to squeeze in one more thing?  Do you believe in the power of music and how learning an instrument can build self esteem and flourish confidence in a child?  Well, I have a surprise for you!  
Recently, Mahala and I have been experiencing the musical talent of Neil Moore while using the Music & Creativity - Foundation Course from Simply Music.

Simply Music allows students of all ages the ability to learn music without the traditional approach of music reading first and begins with beautiful classical, gospel, blues and jazz music pieces....not twinkle twinkle little star.  I appreciate the immediate immersion into music, you feel like your in the know before the first lesson is over.  The basics are covered, but mainly it's going to teach you how to make the music you hear.  Very exciting and freeing.  For a creative person like myself this is very freeing and my typical way of learning.  By just diving in and figuring it out by watching, hearing and feeling.   

Everything you need is provided, except the piano of course. :)   You have these fun practice pads that replicate piano keys that you can print out.  Perfect for having kiddos practice away from their piano.  Mahala took hers to work and used it on her lunch break to get in some "finger stretching/exercise". There are beautiful soundtracks to enhance their performances, reference book that can be printed out or read online with each lesson.  Also, the Music and the Art of Long Term Relationships book is shared too.  So much for you to truly immerse yourself into the world of Music.  It's a lot and it will cost you nothing at all to get started.  There is no risk, no lessons to be late to while you are stuck in traffic and no juggling how to pay for the next piano book and bench fee when all you want to do is hear some beautiful music pour from your finger tips.  Look no more...I promise I think I have found the mother-load right here.

So, how did we use it?  Well, we are moving and selling our house at the moment.  So, honestly those piano key pad things came in handy more then once.  But, basically I love Neil Moore, where has he been my whole life.  I personally have been playing around with the program too as Mahala has been working so much.  We both love the way he speaks slow and clear, but not like he's talking to a bunch of 5 year olds.  We both agree that the close ups of his hands while playing is tremendously helpful and we love that it's all in the privacy of our own home.  Mahala took piano for several years and we spent tons of money, book after book and I remember her playing all these baby songs she called them and hated it in the beginning.  She said this would have been way more appealing to her as a young teen.  Being able to sit with the computer beside the piano and watching a fairly short video for each lesson was refreshing and simple.  We paused when we needed to pause, we both felt like our instructor, Neil Moore was encouraging and patient.  

Because we are extremely busy right now we are taking this much slower then we would if we were already moved.  The program has 19 lessons that will take us way into the new school year for sure and they even offer another course after this one, the Foundation Enhancement course that is affordable for even the smallest budgets.  So, what did I think of this Music Program?  I loved it, I give it 5 stars out of 5 if I offered stars.  It was easy to use, is perfect to get your feet wet in the piano world and truly gives you the ability to play from even the first lesson.  I honestly never thought I would have Kaden learn, because well.... his Autism is a huge reason why.  But, I am planning on having him go through the program also.  I think it will help him sensory wise, I think the instant success he sees will boost his confidence in himself and I know this will improve his motor skills.  

Do, I think everyone should give this course a try?  Absolutely, buy a keyboard second hand or borrow one if you need to.  I think Neil Moore has it right.  He believes, as I do that Music is a gift to the world.  And I appreciate all that he is doing to make this gift accessible to as many people possible.  Go HERE to learn more about Neil, the program and his many projects.

https://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/wp-content/uploads/simply-music-logo.jpg Make sure you head down below and see what other homeschooling families thought about Simply Music.  And connect with Neil Moore online through social media today!

Learn to Play the Piano with Music & Creativity - Foundation Course {Simply Music Reviews}

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