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Who doesn't like movie night, right?  We love watching movies as a family, but have to check and double check to make sure it's appropriate for us all.  This next review I have is about a movie called Life with Dog from Mill Creek Entertainment.  It's featuring stars Corbin Bernsen, Marilu Henner and Chelsey Crisp.  The DVD release of "Life With Dog" will be available at Walmart stores starting June 4, 2019 or you can rent or purchase on Amazon.

The movie follows Joe, who is a newly widowed man who is struggling with bitterness following the death of his wife, Alice .  She died in a bike accident that was a hit and run.  He becomes obsessed with the housing development that is buying up all the properties around his home to build lofts.  He thinks they along with the bank may have something to do with her death. The dog is a stray and comes into the picture early on, Joe names him Dog.  It took awhile for Joe to take him in, but he comes around to it.

Joe's daughter is worried about him and tries to get him help.  You see Joe struggle and question if there even is a God as he recalls loosing first his son and then his wife.  Both times begging God to save them.  Honestly this was one of the better parts of the movie because it's true.  When we are in the middle of hard times we look for someone or something to blame.  The movie continues with his journey to find out who did this to his wife and to make them pay for it.  I want ruin the ending or tell you much more, but I will share my overall opinion.

Overall, the movie had some high points, but there were many lulls, there were a few times that I just wanted to stop watching because it was over kill with his thought process of who killed her.  Almost unbelievable behavior. Also, I felt like this was "life with dog".  The movie needed more life with dog and less crazy man accusing everyone.  I get that he was hurt and it was just 3 months after her death, but this story could have had a little more depth in the details of this man's heart, life and struggle before coming to terms with his present situation.  Which takes me to the ending....we sat there for like 10 minutes going really?????? This is it, we went till the end for this?

Would I recommend it?  I would say this is a family appropriate movie, would we watch it again?  Possibly, it's not the worse movie I have ever seen, but we definitely wont be taking it on our year long trip in the rv.  But, I am thankful that this movie is available, because family appropriate movies are few and far between, so I appreciate their commitment for providing us with them.  I look forward to other movies they make in the future.  Please connect with them on social media and make sure you read what the other reviewers had to say.  My opinion is just that....mine.  So, click below and see what other reviewers said.


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