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I have always had a love for all things Science and sharing that over the years with my kiddos has been a wonderful experience.  Recently since it's just Kaden and I we have taken a different approach to Science.  Concentrating on learning more about topics he is interested in by reading biographies, watching documentaries and experiments.  By far experimenting is the most fun because it gets all his senses going and working together.  We have the approach kind of like this... ask a question, discuss, research, read and then replicate by experimenting.

With all that said, we've been adding a book called the Big Bible Science from Christian Focus with our weekly studies and I can't wait to tell you a little more about it and how we used it.
  First off the age range for the book is 5-7yrs RTM (Read to Me) and 7-11yrs RM (Read Myself). Kaden is 12 and still found the material interesting and was motivated to work through it on his own.  
It's filled with 21 experiments that include a few different activities, a Go Beyond section and a Apply It portion.  The sections or lessons are all organized in the same fashion, have outstanding illustrations and drawings to make the study interesting and fun for the visual learners out there. :)  I may be one of those!  But, it wasn't too much or overstimulating for my visual sensitive kiddo.  The topics ranged from the water cycle, plants and space to the Human body and Newton's Law.

Let me tell you quickly what I really liked about this book.  I loved that it was free standing learning, but opened doors for further learning.  I believe for this age range you could use it for a Science curriculum or for older kiddos as a supplement.  You could take a full week or so per section with dividing out the activities and experiments throughout the week.  But, for us Kaden just plowed through the whole book in just a few days.  So much information is packed within a page or two to truly understand the concept of the topic.  For instance while learning about electricity we were able to see and experience static electricity while learning a little about Benjamin Franklin, which opened up more tiny rabbit holes for additional learning.  I feel learning doesn't stop at the end of the lesson or book.  What we give our children to do during their daytime hours should encourage thinking and exploration.  I felt this book fit perfectly in that nitch.  Also, they offer a great explanation on how to keep a good notebook as a young scientist.  The tips, suggestions and examples were extremely helpful. 

Newton's Second Law of Motion....

I also appreciate that this book tells you everything you need ahead of time as far as materials needed, any precautions and if the activities can be done with only a single child, a group or with adult supervision.  I said Kaden went through the whole book quickly and he did, he enjoys reading and sometimes goes overboard.  We did not however complete every single activity, we have a lot to back track on.  He took it while we were on a weekend trip and used his riding time for some Science time. :) I honestly wouldn't suggest doing it that way, taking the time and going through each of the lessons and activities at the same time are a better way to go.
Planting Seeds!!!

I thought the book was a great addition to our homeschool.  This would be fabulous to do with elementary aged kiddos during the summer.  And having the Biblical perspective backing up each lesson makes this even more unique to share with your kiddos.  We look forward to working through more of the experiments over the next week or two.  I asked Kaden what he liked the most and he said the mini biographies in the back of the book and the Apply It and Go Beyond sections.  Out of those he said going bowling was fun and tracking the plants growth in his notebook.  Oh and working on learning the names of all 206 bones in the human body.

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