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Once again Heirloom Audio brings us an amazing, inspirational historical adventure.  St. Bartholomew's Eve is based on the literary adventures of G.A. Henty and is a full audio drama that is sure to capture your attention and hearts like it has ours. Heirloom Audio is a company that strives to bring your family true stories that show bravery, honesty, integrity, courage, and loyalty.  It's always exciting to add to our learning experience and these CDs are the perfect way to truly enhance our history time.

Listening time: 2 + hours
Recommended ages: 6 to Adult
Featuring: Brian Blessed, Elizabeth Counsell, David Shaw-Parker, Brian Deacon, Andy Harrison and Hugo Docking

We decided to listen to this audio drama on a recent day trip.  It was a perfect amount of time to listen and discus.  St. Bartholomew's Eve takes place in France during the 1500’s, we learn that the Huguenots are realizing that they must do something in order to protect themselves from persecution and possible execution from the Roman Catholic Nobility.  The main character that we follow is just a 16 year old English boy named Phillip Fletcher, who travels to France to visit family.  While there he hopes to be able to take a part in the Huguenot rebellion.  Honestly, I knew nothing about this, history was not my favorite subject in school, so we had to do a little research on this topic.  This whole religious war started basically over disagreements about the right way to do specific religious practices.  Phillip had to decide if he was going to follow the King of France or the true King of Kings.  

That may sound easy peasy to you and I, but we weren't living in the persecution that they were back then.  We can worship how we want and don't have to hide.  The Huguenots won many battles, but with those triumphs came many setbacks.  The story features ups and downs, we were on the edge of our seats as we witnessed the trials of this time period.  To know several thousands of French Protestants were massacred in Paris and other cities near there for their beliefs and wanting to practice the way they believed was true is baffling to me.  We were able to talk about this and our religious freedom today in great lengths.  We asked ourselves what if we found ourselves in this situation.  History does have a way of repeating itself. 

So, What did we think?  We enjoyed learning about this moment in time because non of us knew anything about it.  We were heartbroken over the many lives lost.  We feel blessed for what we have today and plan to us as a reminder to not take our freedom for granted.  All of their audio dramas are treasures and would be a great addition to any homeschool family's library.

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