Forensic Faith for Kids ~ REVIEW

Recently, Kaden has been doing a little sleuthing.  We have enjoyed Forensic Faith for Kids from David C Cook along with Case Makers Academy.  It is the latest book in the Case Makers series from J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace.  The book was written by a cold-case detective who has been featured on Dateline, Fox News, and other crime-related television shows.  Formerly an atheist, the author J. Warner Wallace, uses his detecting skills to teach others how to defend their Faith and how to successfully make a case for Christianity.  This book is geared towards children ages 8-12 and also has a website, called the Case Makers Academy that's filled with fun training activity worksheets and videos. 

The story begins with Daniel and Jason who are participating in a car wash when along comes a puppy.  They begin searching for the owners of the puppy, named Bailey.  While all this is happening their friend Hannah has had her Faith challenged and wants to see the proof about Jesus.  You are immediately thrown into the story as these two cases are cracked.   Where is the puppy's owner and the proof that Jesus is God?

We thought that the chapters were a good length and were packed with tons of tidbits, from clues, detective vocabulary and scriptures.  These all gave you the concepts, character traits and techniques needed to help with the investigation.  These are really the tools you should carry around with you all the time. :)  Along with the CSI Assignments and the Dig Deeper sections, you are encouraged to visit the Case Makers Academy online.  This specially designed website is specifically for the Case Makers Series of books.  Kaden enjoyed several of the video clips with J. Warner Wallace going back over the concepts taught in the book.  We have not completed the detective notebook that you can print out, but it's on our list to finish next week.  But, there are many worksheets that you can print and once done they slip right into your detective notebook.
After reading with Kaden, I have realized that he has never been in a situation where his Faith was challenged.  And I now realize how discussing your Faith as a child to another child or an adult can be extremely hard.  So, having the case to solve about the lost puppy was a great lead into the detective mindset that is needed.  I was thrilled to hear Kaden say that he should use these detective skills for other areas of his life too.  By doing the work and some research he wont be misinformed and not taking everything at face value.  And I totally agree, it was a simple read for him, but the life lesson he learned while working through the book was priceless.
Kaden said the artwork throughout the book was helpful to connect with the characters in the story, but we both agree it didn't distract from the main objective. 

So, what did we think?  We have really enjoyed reading together and I look forward to getting the Forensic Faith for adults.  I love the concept and the challenge it presents for your child to explore with you.  This is a part of Christian worldview I have not got into with Kaden.  In the Case Makers Academy online you can print the Adult Leader's Guide that shows you how to read both books together.  You were also given important concepts from each of the chapters and key discussion question.  Once he is finished next week we will even be able to print out a neat certificate of completion from the Cadet Academy.  And then we will hopefully crack open other books in the series, like the Cold Case Christianity for Kids or God's Crime Scene for Kids
If you have a child that loves mystery, puzzles and adventure, this is for them.  It can be used independently, with the family or even in a small group.  Make sure you Connect with David C Cook and Case Makers Academy on Facebook today!

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