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Mahala recently finished school and is ready to move forward with college and begin her working career.  But, it's not just that simple, she has a million ideas and interests that she has us both confused at where she should start.  
Recently we found out about Paul Vasey's CashCrunch Games and his brand new resource called, CashCrunch Careers.  I was excited to try it out with Mahala and my husband because he has contemplated shifting his career a little. CashCrunch Games offers other programs too including a money management game that has just recently been revised. 

Quickly I will tell you how we used this resource.  First Mahala logged on and completed the survey of 75 questions.  Which is basically a choice between two words.  Like are you Organized or Courageous or Understanding or Honest.  The whole thing probably took her 10 minutes.  My over-thinker Husband spent a little over 30 minutes.  It was almost painful!  Once they completed the questions portion the report was instantly provided and the most on-point findings for them both was their Motivators and De-motivators.  This section was extremely accurate.  And even help clarify certain struggles that I see Mahala struggle with.  So, this portion was great.  Now on to the career options, both Mahala and her Dad received all the same things, I thought this was funny.  But, it all couldn't have been further from the truth... at least in our reality.  My Husband is a computer engineer and the thought of being a manager of any kind or funeral director has never crossed his mind.  I'm positive Mahala is in the same boat.

Even though the options didn't feel customized to their specific interests it was interesting to check out some of the videos of careers that were in the same wheel house as the careers mentioned.  As well as where to get the education to obtain these positions.  Mahala spent hours scrolling through the different career choices not just the ones suggested.  One of the things I did like is the emphasize that work is something you will be doing for on average 50 years, you may as well like it.  We all three agree that the best part of this was the research we were able to do on the website.  Mahala was able to compare the education needed for a few choices she is interested in.  

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