Positive Affirmations

I have found that Daily Affirmations are a positive way to start your day.  Or when you start battling negative self-talk, try one of these instead. :)  In the Bible it says Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” What we think, we’ll eventually say and what we say is very powerful.  We can speak words of life and we can speak words of cursing.  I grew up with a lot of verbal negativity and abuse that formed a hard shell around my heart.  Jesus Christ melted that shell many years ago. 

The Bible warns us to guard our thoughts and mouths.  Proverbs 18:20-21 says “From the fruit of his mouth a man’s stomach is filled; with the harvest from his lips he is satisfied.  The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.”  Bellow are just a Few Affirmations to get You started, I'll share more in the future.  I have mine written on index cards on my bathroom mirror, dash of my van, at my desk and in my planner.....get creative and let your Self Love Flooooow!

*I am strong.
*I am wise.
*I am precious in the eyes of God.
*I can love and be loved.
*I have power to choose my course in life.
*I accept my self for who I am.
*I replace my anger with understanding and compassion.
*I know that God’s unfailing love surrounds me and that I can trust Him.
*I have everything I need.  
*I trust my ever-increasing ability to eliminate the non-essential and appreciate that which matters.


Home School Navigator ~ REVIEW

Several weeks ago I was given a one year subscription for Kaden to use the Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum and Interactive Notebooks from Home School Navigator.
This is a complete curriculum that includes everything you need for a successful homeschool year in Language Arts.  At your fingertips you have lesson plans, videos, printable games and materials and book lists.  
All of this in 36 weeks covering~  
Practicing Reading Aloud 
Reading Skills
Phonics/Vocabulary/Word Study
Independent Reading


Autism ~ Squash the Tics

Learning about facial and vocal tics right now.  Kaden has been dealing off and on with a mild case of involuntary sounds and movements for years.  But, the past several months has been filled with consistent grunts, throat clearing and blinks to the point I can't ignore anymore.  His sides and chest ache from the grunts and throat clearing and he gets so annoyed and bothered by his eyes. 
So, I'm on a mission to research and find him some relief.  I have to stay on-top of his supplements and start limiting screen time.  We have been down this road before when we were checking him for a gluten allergy.  I think the hardest thing will be the screen time and increased sleeping or resting time.  Right now I am giving him a magnesium supplement drink, fish oil and CBD oil daily.  Also we will be using essential oils topically and in our diffusers.  It's really about eliminating stress and toxins.
I also would like to start daily meditations and yoga with him.  I have benefited greatly with incorporating these two things daily in my life.  I personally use tapping and brain mapping with huge success, so I would like to be working with him on this as well.  I'll keep updating as we go.....today is Day 1!!


The Road Home ~ REVIEW

I love a book I instantly become friends with the characters.  When you stave off that sneak attack to the fridge at midnight because you can't walk down the stairs and read at the same time.  That's how I was while reading The Road Home by Beverly Lewis the past week.


Kayla Jarmon ~ REVIEW


The other day we were given the electronic version of three books from Kayla Jarmon called,  A Boy and His DogDying is Part of This World, and Don't Forget Me.  Many times while parenting situations creep up and cause us to stare blankly at our children while we try to find the right words to explain the truth while protecting their hearts and soothing their worry.  I was pleased to see that the two books in the Discussion Book Series covered a few of those situations beautifully and I'm thinking....wow, if only I had these in my parenting toolbox10 years ago! :)


Homeschooling Autism....update

If I had a penny for every time I changed up our homeschool for Kaden honestly I would be a millionaire.  But, it's necessary and I am desperate for that peacefulness in our homeschooling that came so easy with my other two kiddos.
So right now we are just working on structuring his day while I finish Mahala this month.  During the summer we plan to iron out as many wrinkles as possible so that next year is smoother sailing.  That or I'm going to be bald from pulling all my hair out....there you go, I'm just being real here.  I'll keep you updated.....


Weigl Publishers Media Enhanced Books ~ REVIEW

We love books around here....as I'm writing this right now Kaden and Mahala are lounging on the floor and couch reading on their own.  We like the feel of a book, the smell when you crack it open for the first 20 times and the way the pages get all tattered and stained by sticky little hands.  But, in this day and age digital books and online book clubs are all the rage and we had some fun taking a look at three media enhanced books,  Glaciers, A Lion's World, and There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant from Weigl Publishers.

I Am Gandhi ~ REVIEW

Yay another fun BLOG TOUR!!  Kaden is an exceptional reader and reads probably 6 hours a day.  I literally snapped this picture with the packaging I received the book in still in my hand.  
And guess what?  He has a new favorite series...yes, it's up in his room among his absolute favorites.  And I don't blame him.  I Am Gandhi is the first in a brand new collection of Graphic Biographies.  Say what....where was this genre in the 80's?  Brad Meltzer has done something amazing here with this book.  As a homeschool Mom we are always looking for away to get our kids to read.  But, not just any old book, but books that tell real stories of real people with passion, determination and soul.  The story of Gandhi was told beautifully and weaved a message of peace, conviction and love.  Kaden and I spent time going over the timeline and actual photos of Gandhi at the back of the book.  


Flying Deep ~ Review

Book Summary:
Climb aboard Alvin, the famous deep-sea submersible credited with helping to find the Titanic, and take a trip two miles down to the bottom of the ocean.

Experience a day in the life of an Alvin pilot and join scientists at the seafloor to collect samples and conduct research. Along the way, discover what one wears, eats, and talks about during a typical eight-hour trip in a underwater craft and find out more about the animals that live deep in our oceans. Extensive back matter explains how Alvin works, describes the author’s research, and includes a glossary and further reading.

YWAM Publishing ~ REVIEW

Loving History is something extremely new to me.  My kiddos have been blessed to have some wonderful resources that I only wished I had growing up, to enhance their Historical adventures.  One of those resources is from YWAM Publishing.  We were able to Review a book from their Heroes of History  series and this time I decided to share the Heroes of History- Laura Ingalls Wilder with Kaden.  Of course I loved Laura growing up from the very popular Little House on the Prairie.  But, I knew there was much more to her and her life then that show, so I was thrilled to get my hands on this book.  Not only did we receive the book from YWAM Publishing, but we were also given the digital format of the Study Guide for this book.