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The other day we were given the electronic version of three books from Kayla Jarmon called,  A Boy and His DogDying is Part of This World, and Don't Forget Me.  Many times while parenting situations creep up and cause us to stare blankly at our children while we try to find the right words to explain the truth while protecting their hearts and soothing their worry.  I was pleased to see that the two books in the Discussion Book Series covered a few of those situations beautifully and I'm thinking....wow, if only I had these in my parenting toolbox10 years ago! :)

I can't wait because the Author shared that she is currently working on radio drama/audio books for each of the books we received and all her other books present and future.  That means great conversation time on road trips or rainy afternoons.  Can I just say I love that these books are based on a Christian worldview, for my family and I this adds a level of comfort knowing that what my kiddos are reading align with our beliefs.

I was excited to share this first book, A Boy and His Dog with Kaden because as you all know he has his service dog, Homer with him every hour of every day.  The book was very easy to read, even young readers wouldn't have a problem with it.  The story follows a typical day with the little boy and his dog.  They adventure and navigate a whole day together from sun up to sun down.  It was especially cute when they snuggled up in the bed to go to sleep at the end of the story.  Kaden said the story gave him some ideas to do with Homer like playing in mud puddles together.  I think he could really relate to the story, he also thought it would be a great introduction to life with a dog for kids considering having a dog of their own.  I think that's a great idea!

The second book was on a whole different topic called, Dying Is Part of This World
(Second in the Discussion Book Series).  This short chapter book is basically a conversation between a young child and their Mom about death.  He saw something on the news that made him worry about death and worried about missing him Mom if he passed away first.  We get to sit in on their conversation that is very Biblical and true to life.  It read like a real conversation, very easy to read, the way it's presented is lovely.  There are even scriptures at the bottom of some of the page as references that make it simple to go back in your Bible to read supporting scripture.  Along with that after each chapter are a few questions.  Kaden and I read this book together and I was able to talk with him in a way I honestly would not have been able to do on my own.  With having Autism he is very fact based and thankfully each chapter built right off of the previous so questions that I had to answer alone was very few and far between.  This book covered sadness, missing loved ones, time constraints in Heaven and even the second death that we as Christians believe in.  This was a huge Blessing to us that I was unaware I needed until the conversation between Kaden and I turned into hours, filled with questions and revelations.  I would not have been able to help him understand this topic as well as he understands it now on my own.  As an adult who lost both parents as a child I would say this is a must have if you are looking for a way to teach your children about dying while still showing them the comfort God provides.  Death shouldn't be scary and feared, I would totally recommend this book to anyone with kiddos.

The last book is called Don’t Forget Me (First in the Discussion Book Series).  This was such a precious book.... it shows an unborn baby talking to God.  I have never seen this type of book before and it would make the sweetest baby shower gift.  I loved the artwork and how God was represented with bright light and highlighted words.  Seeing the baby recognize his Mom and Dad was sweet and I loved the ending.  Kaden and I read it together and I was surprised how much he enjoyed it.  He always tells me he remembers being in my womb and hearing my heart beat.  So, he was all up in this story.  It was fun to read, but very endearing too.  I would love to include a copy of this in each of my kiddos' baby books.

So, what did we think?  We really enjoyed all three books and I look forward to new titles in the Discussion Book Series hopefully in the future.  For us the most useful was the second book about death.  It was wonderful to have and I can see us going back through it again as needed.  Personally I like physical books, so I look forward to adding these and future books to our home library.

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