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We love books around here....as I'm writing this right now Kaden and Mahala are lounging on the floor and couch reading on their own.  We like the feel of a book, the smell when you crack it open for the first 20 times and the way the pages get all tattered and stained by sticky little hands.  But, in this day and age digital books and online book clubs are all the rage and we had some fun taking a look at three media enhanced books,  Glaciers, A Lion's World, and There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant from Weigl Publishers.


Kaden's favorite was Glaciers - Earth's Water series published under their imprint Lightbox and intended for kiddos in grades 3-6.  Once we put in the secret code the fun really began.  First I have to say that all of the books have amazing picture quality.  And one of the best features offered is the little extra videos.  We were able to see a glacier move and break free.  All the behind the scenes action was cool Kaden said!  Kaden was able to read or have it read to him.  I think he had it read to him more then not. :)  
And the icons for the different activities was very clear and easy for him to use independently.  There were printable worksheets available, but you know me and my printer situation....we just did everything orally.  The photographs, videos and information given was wonderful.  This would be a great core piece for a unit study.  Kaden has went back through at least 4 times, just to make sure he didn't miss any tid bit! This book could easily be used with elementary and middle school kids...even Mahala who is a Senior enjoyed seeing the videos and learning about glacier.

The book, A Lion's World was another neat title from their EyeDiscover series.  It was intended for kiddos in the K-2 range, so it was a lot shorter.  Kaden wasn't really into this one, but he did enjoy the video and that it would read it to him.   The pictures he said were Wow, amazingly real.

The last book is a fiction title, intended for the K-2 range...we thought it was funny and cute.  It is called,  There Once Was A Cowpoke Who Swallowed An Ant.  We have never laughed so hard.  As the story is highlighted and read to you, you can't help but be in stitches as the Cowpoke tries to settle his tummy problems.  :)

So, what did we think?  We enjoyed them as a treat, it's not something we would use regularly because we are a paper in your hand kind of family.  But, I'm seeing their weight in gold when it comes to road trips, rainy afternoons or as a family reading night on the big screen with a bowl of popcorn.  I like that each of these books have a digital code that unlocks some sort of multimedia content like audio, videos, links, slide shows, and activities.  These would be a great addition to a classroom or homeschool.  Head over and Connect with Weigl Publishers on their Website!
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