Knitted to Be.....

What a week I have had....just so many things wild and crazy.  Emotions up and down, so many things on my plate and I find myself wanting to do them all....all the time.  But, then there is all the boring regular everyday stuff that has to be done.  Like silly old dirty clothes, piles of dishes and of course the occasional counter wipe down session.  But, what I really want to do is paint, Bible journal, draw, work on my book, play with some herbal concoctions or just soak up some rays in my little garden. 

I have become a self care master....finding time to nourish my soul daily was once something I thought was selfish and undeserving.  Not anymore, between that and the good Lord it's the only way I can survive these days.  And you know what.......?  I had to go through a ridiculously hard obstacle in my life to get to this point.  When I thought God had left me as rubbish on the side of the road, I looked up and saw his hand...waiting patiently for me to recognize that yes he is still there.  And once I clutched His hand and I pulled myself into his arms I saw the life He wanted for me.  Wow, I began a long healing process, many hours of therapy and wound licking and in those moments of hard work I saw the person God intended me to be.  He formed me to be a Nurturer, not an enabler.  I was born to Create beautiful things and Sing old Music while making pots of stew and fresh bread, not to cower and keep my voice quiet from the world.  God gave me a Connection to Nature to show others Him in what He created, not to doubt my gifts.  I was knitted in my Mamma's womb to have a Light, a Light for Jesus.....not to drift here and there with no purpose or concern.

I've been told my whole life that God never gives you more then you can handle.  And I can't help but think that maybe He gives you these challenges and obstacles in life to be able to prepare you for the bounty of Blessings He has in store for us all........

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