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We have been studying about America's many battles this last year and have noticed Kaden's increased interest in History.  We have supplemented with hands on projects, cooking classes, lap booking, honestly you name it we have probably done it.  But, one of our favorite things to do is add in a little Christian Audio Drama when we can.  We were thrilled to crack open a new CD set from Heirloom Audio Productions, In the Reign of Terror.  We have Reviewed a few times before for Heirloom Audio Productions, so we knew that we could expect a high quality, nail biting adventure.  And boy were we right.  But, this time I have even more to share....some real toe tapping excitement that I have secretly been enjoying probably even more then Kaden.  More on that in a minute.....

First off, like I said this beautiful set came to the house like many times before and we were welcomed with a gorgeous CD set.  I love the art work on their Audio Dramas, it just sets you up for what you are about to witness.  This time we follow a story about young Harry from England.  During the time in the French Revolution young Harry is traveling to a noble aristocratic family to live and work for.  While he is there he faces many trials and struggles.  Kaden pointed out the similarities that he had learned through our unit study on slavery.  He was perplexed with emotions how over and over in History people can be judged, beat and even killed for their differences that they can not change.

We usually substitute one reading time during the day to do some sort of audio book or documentary that Kaden can just listen to and do some handiwork at the same time.  Puzzles, legos, simple crafts and even drawing.  We did this along with taking it on our last RV trip.....Nothing like a little French Revolution Drama to drown out the sound of rattling pots as we barrel down the highway. :) 

This time the Study Guide was a digital download and offered so much additional goodness like questions for each chapter, Bible stories, maps, vocabulary...honestly one of my favorite study guides we have used with them yet.  But... the exciting part I was talking about earlier is that they have a wonderland of Historical Fun over at their new online community, Live the Adventure Club
Here are just a few of the extras for this Audio Set..... ~In The Reign Of Terror Original E-Book
~The Official Soundtrack
~Super Neat Printable Cast Poster
~The Study Guide & Discussion Starter
~Inspirational Verse Poster
~Desktop Wallpaper Download
~ An Official Script Download
Kaden was so thrilled to use the actual Script while listening.....you can even highlight the words in several colors so you can easily keep up while they listen.  Some more cool activities to try with the kids.... have them learn how to build an Ancient Roman Aqueduct, make ice cream or create a magnificent Ship in a Bottle.  There are word searches, coloring pages and an opportunity to earn cool badges for taking quizzes that correspond with the Audio Dramas that you have purchased.  They have amazing Parent Resources that include everything from Movie Reviews to Podcasts.  But, two of my Favorite sections of this new community is the Inspiration area and the Old Time Radio Vault.  I need to do a whole separate Review on this little chunk of the Web, because it is all kinds of wonderful.....You definitely should check into it today. 

So, what did we think?  Well the Audio Drama, In the Reign of Terror was wonderful....I have grown to expect this with Heirloom Audio Productions.  And their new community, Live the Adventure Club was no exception.  We will be treasuring these for years to come.  Make sure you spend some time today looking into all that they have to offer your child's education, creativity and character.  Kaden has mentioned many times how he likes the characters these Dramas follow.  They are brave, but know when to lean into God.  Head over and Connect with Heirloom Audio Productions now with Social Media!!!

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