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Oh High School Science, how I remember the days of doodles on my notebook and secret explosions in the back on the room.  Yep, that was me....either daydreaming or blowing up stuff.  Which is why I need all the help I can get with teaching my Kiddos.  Recently I have been using Fascinating Chemistry from Fascinating Education.  A few years ago I Reviewed their Fascinating Biology course with Kaden and Mahala.  I was thrilled to have access once again for a whole year to try their Fascinating Chemistry with Mahala.

It is Summer and we do school all year long, we decided for now she could take a slower approach with this, because she really needs to get it, know it...for real not just to pass a test and then never think of it again.  She's looking at Sports Medicine for College, so she needs to learn as much as she can now before College.  Obviously you can access this online with your home computer.  But, what Mahala did 80% of the time was logged on through her iphone or tablet and during boring car trips she would watch the video lessons.  There are 19 of them total and probably 45 minutes or so in length.  Mahala has a small Chemistry journal she totes around with her for any note taking.  This course does offer Labs too, so far we have only grown Salt Crystals.  But, we look forward to even more projects and labs.

Mahala found just like before the lessons are vivid and stimulation while not be too over dramatic.  This is Perfect for any audio/visual learner.  Right Brain learners will thrive with this program because Dr. Margulies understands that the brain can process images easier then just with text.  Mahala has ADD and she finds herself being able to concentrate longer with these videos then she can on others we have used in the past.  If you have a hands on type of kiddo there may not be enough of that and you will need to add in extra activities.  But, the information is all there...that's the important thing. 
There is a script option that after the 2nd lesson we have decided to print it out to go along with the videos.  She likes to highlight, add notes and circle things during a lecture.  this is perfect for this and it offers some of the pictures you see during the video to have that visual latter when you are studying on your own.  The left side of the page helps you keep track of where you are in the lesson.  Mahala found going through them all completely in one setting along with a day or two of review and re-watching some parts prepared her enough for the tests.  Overall she enjoyed using the program and asked to continue using it.  

Make sure you head over and Connect with Fascinating Education on their Website Today.  Don't forget to look at their other programs...
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