Escaping the Heat in California

Back in the RV for 9 glorious days to enjoy some color weather in the San Benito area.  Reading, relaxing and sketching my way back to sanity....or some form of it.  HAHAHAHA

Having the RV has made camping so much easier with Kaden.  Being able to pull in and have a familiar set up at night is the #1 most awesome part of RVing with a child on the Spectrum.  He will literally put himself to bed when he gets tired if we are still setting up camp or out by the fire.  He has everything he needs...5 pillows, weighted blanket, regular blanket, his oils and light.  He's set and can make himself super comfortable and it's all predictable.  Before, in the tent that was not the case.  Even though we tried our best I would say more then half the nights we slept in the van so nobody else would be waken by his screaming.  Why did we continue to camp then?  Because the next day it was a new happy day and he was ready to go like nothing ever happened.

The weather was so nice we brought blankets out to snuggle during the day.  I have to say I spent many afternoons looking at this furry face while enjoying the gentle breeze.  

After days of swimming, playing board games and Poker with his Sister and Dad Kaden passed out at the table as we drove home.  That's a good trip....now we are planning the next one already.  The BEACH!!!!  Oregon Coast here we come!

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