Bible Journaling with Me

So the other day I was flipping through my Bible Journals and I was so inspired by what I wrote.  It was fun to look back over past lessons and scriptures.  Reading what I felt or how the verse spoke to me was heart touching.  I thought...why not share them with Mahala since I always write in cursive when I journal and she is learning cursive right now.  So, by her reading through my journals not only will it help her with cursive, but also spark conversation between us.  I love when we can provoke each other to dig deeper into the word. 
So, each week several times when Kaden is busy we will pull out a journal and our Bibles and read a day's entry along with the scriptures I've referenced.  She loves it and has asked if they can one day be passed down to her.  Sooooo sweet and I LOVE the idea!!!
I was also thinking of sharing on here too.....yay!  Coming soon....Bible Journaling with Sheila!!!

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