Who doesn't Love a Game Night with Friends and Family?  It's one of my Favorite moments in my week for sure.  We always incorporate games into our daily homeschooling, but at least 2 or 3 times a week we like to gather everyone around the table to play or read.  Several months ago we were introduced to Chara Games and we love that they are Built by a Family for Families.  Not to mention that they all have a Christian Theme.  I've Reviewed two of their other games in the past that you can look up by using the Search Feature on my side bar.  But this one I'm sharing today was given to me as a Prototype.  You can go Right Now and help Jump Start production of UNAUTHORIZED during their Launch on KickStarter.  How exciting.....I know right!

We love board games, but card games are the best because they are so portable and fast to set up.  Once we sorted through all the cards and looked at all the different roles we could play we read through the directions.  And then read them again.... I'm so not a directions person.  And if you are like that too, don't worry Patrick and Katherine Lysaghts offers a great video option for us visual people. :)  We gathered around the table with snacks of course and I looked at them with crazy eyes and said..... So, I have 1 Question.....are you going to Build Up the Church....or Crush It Mercilessly?  Kaden looked at me like I was crazy.  You know he's our literal thinker, after a quick explaining of the game concept and the rules he was ready.  And let me tell you he is unbelievably good.  We were all on the edge of our seats the whole time.

Role Cards

UNAUTHORIZED is a 6-12 person game for ages 12+, it's a fast paced game and lasts roughly 30 minutes or so.  Like I said above you are going to either build up the Church or try and take it down.  And it's a secret throughout the game.  In the beginning you pick your role and try and influence others to join you on your mission.  And who has your loyalty, the Church or the State?  The game changer here is that it flip flops during the game because it all depends on the experience cards you draw.  We have played several times now and every single time the game has been different then expected and we are all laughing with anxious anticipation until the very end.  That's the Best way I can describe our reactions!! :)

Head over now to KickStarter and take a look at the UNAUTHORIZED Campaign Chara Games has going on right now.  Your Support will help get this Amazing Game out into stores so Everyone can gather around the table and share belly laughs with their Friends and Family!

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